Irish baby names that will make your friends green with envy!

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Most Irish names are unique, exotic sounding and beautiful.

Thanks to actors like Cillian Murphy and Downton Abbey’s Allen Leech they’re becoming increasingly popular for parents to get inspiration from!

Ahead of St. Patrick’s Day on Friday, we’ve put together a list of our favourite and cute sounding Irish monikers for you.

Baby dressed up for St. Patrick' s day.
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Irish-Inspired Girls Names:

Ciara or Keira

This name means ‘dark’, ‘black’ or ‘dark haired’ in Gaelic.

Niamh or Neve

It means ‘bright’ or ‘radiant’.


Aileen means ‘light’.


The ‘strong, virtuous and honourable’ one.

Delray Beach, United States - March 17, 2013: A little girl is dressed in green to watch St. Patrick's Day parade. She is wearing a tee shirt with "my first St. Patrick's Day" printed on it. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade is an annual event in Delray Beach that began in 1968 when an Irish local pub owner took a walk down Delray's main street with his Shillelagh and a green pig and declared it “my own parade.” Now Uniformed Emergency Service workers as well as commercial, civic, charitable, educational, and social groups participate. Groups throughout the United States and several foreign countries take part. Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. A good time is always had by adults and children alike at Delray’s parade in tribute to St. Patrick.
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It also coincides with the Irish word cailín meaning ‘girl’.

Cara or Kara

In Irish cara simply means a ‘friend’.


From the Gaelic ‘descendent of Caiside’, this pretty name means ‘curly-haired’.


A medieval name derived from Latin clarus, meaning “clear, bright, famous.”

Cliona or Cleona

The Irish word clodhna means “shapely.”

Clodagh or Cloda

The river Clody runs through County Tipperary and County Wexford. This means ‘song of joy, song of happiness, womanly’. Cloda is a form of Carolyn. 


From the Irish word cailin meaning ‘girl’.


In Irish dorcha means ‘dark, dark-haired’ or ‘descendant of the dark one.’


Meaning: ’Fair, white, beautiful’.


This name means ‘dark’ or ‘dark with dark eyes.’

A cute baby girl in a green tutu plays with her green necklace while sitting in a patch of clovers for St. Patrick's Day.
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Orla or Orlaith

Meaning: ‘Golden princess’.


This name means ‘female champion.’


Meaning: ‘The cause of great joy’.

Rosin (pronounced Ro sheen)

This comes from the Latin word Rosa and means ‘little rose’.


Meaning: ‘God is gracious’.

Irish-Inspired Boys Names:


This name is a popular name in Ireland, and means ‘fire.’


The Irish version of Brendan comes from the Welsh name breenhin, which means ‘prince.’


This name means ‘strong-willed’ and ‘wise’.


This word means ‘great chief’ and ‘world mighty’ and is the Irish form of Donald.

A Young Irish boy Celebrating St. Patrick's Day
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Meaning ‘free from envy’, this name is also spelt Dermot.


Derives from Irish patriot Robert Emmet. This name means ‘whole, immense and universal’.

Eoin (pronounced Owen)

This name is the Gaelic form of John. The English version of this moniker is Owen and the Welsh version is Owain. It means ‘born of the yew tree’.


Fin, Finlay, Finnegan and Finnbar are other names you can consider. This name means ‘fair or white’.


This name means ‘kind, gentle and handsome’.

Glendon / Glendan

Literally means glen or valley and dun is a settlement or fortress. So this name means ‘the one from the fortress in the glen’.


The shortened version of William and means ‘strong-willed warrior’.


Meaning: ‘Champion’.


Noel or Nollaig is the Irish word for Christmas, and it’s common to give this name to boys born on December 25th.


Orin, Oran or Odhran means ‘dark haired’.

St. Patrick's Day Baby


This name comes from Norman France, Piers, but it’s still popular in Ireland like Bond actor Pierce Brosnan.


Meaning ‘gently-shaped’, this name, which is usually a surname, can be used for both boys and girls.


This name is also a surname, and means ‘courageous and valiant’.


The ri comes from ‘king’ and bardan from poet, this name means ‘royal poet’.


Ron means seal in Celtic, so Ronan is ‘little seal’.


This name is the Irish word for James, and means ‘one who grabs at the heel’.


This name is the Irish variant of John and means ‘God is gracious’.

Happy smiling two year old girl wearing a St Patrick's day hat with a shamrock.
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