The New Year’s resolutions that we WILL SMASH in 2018!

On the final days of 2017, surrounded by loved ones, full of good food and drink and reflecting on the past year, you will more than likely come up with a few goals that you would love to accomplish in 2018.

Our community recently shared these goals and we were surprised by just how many of us share the same resolutions for 2018.

So, what are the most popular New Year’s resolutions of 2018 and how can we ensure that we not only stay on track but absolutely smash these goals?

By doing it as a team, of course! So, to all the Healthy Mummies, here’s how we are going to make 2018 our BEST year EVER!

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The Resolutions that topped the charts

1. To have more energy

With a healthier lifestyle comes the energy to actually accomplish the things you want to do, without feeling exhausted or constantly burning out. Not having enough energy can come down to a number of things including mental health, poor nutrition or physical conditions. But whatever the case, now’s the time to get on track and boost those energy levels up!

2. To lose kilograms/ to fit into a certain size


This was probably the most popular resolution from our community of mums. And while the numbers varied, from 5 kilograms to 65 kilograms, weight loss is a journey that is best done together. Celebrate every centimetre lost and share the road to weight loss with countless other mums with the same goal. This is what The Healthy Mummy is all about.

3. To give up smoking, sugar or sweets


It’s not easy to break a habit, especially an addictive one. Take it one day at a time.

4. To say yes to the kids more

Many mums admit that they spent too much on the sidelines watching the kids without joining in. This year, it’s going to stop.

This year we are all going to join in, to get out there and to say yes to the activities that we may not feel confident doing, but that bring our children so much joy. Dance to crappy pop music in the living room. Frolic in the waves at the beach. Ride the slides at the water park. And cherish the sounds of laughter that these moments bring your children.

5. To have a baby

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Although it’s only a bit of fun, check out the names of the women most likely to fall pregnant in 2018. If this is one of your resolutions, then hopefully your name makes the list. Have a look at our article on everything you need to know about trying to conceive.

6. To feel confident again

When you have a baby, you sometimes lose yourself. And your former body. With this loss, comes a loss of your confidence. Getting this confidence back is a mental struggle that pretty much every mum goes through, some worse than others. But you can do it – it’s all about finding that self-love within.

7. To conquer a marathon, mountain or Miss Muddy

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Whether you want to run 5 km or want to compete in a triathlon, having a fitness goal and an actual event to attend is such a great way to stay inspired. So, so, to all mums who plan on doing Miss Muddy, Tough Mudder, the Ironman, a marathon or any other type of insane fitness event, good luck. You’ve got this!

8. To take time for yourself

There is so much pressure on parents these days to be perfect all the time. And, when we slip up or step back, even for an hour, we often feel guilty. Make this year the year this guilt stops. Take breaks. Ask for help. Put yourself first every once in a while.

A massive shout out to all the mums who shared their resolutions for 2018 with us. It takes dedication, motivation and hard work to make these resolutions a reality but, with the right program and support, it’s completely possible!

Our next Challenge – which is our DETOX AND SHRED Challenge – starts on Monday 1st January! You can sign up to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge HERE.

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