10 signs you’re battling caffeine withdrawal

If you’ve gone cold turkey with caffeine you’ll know that the killer all-day withdrawal headaches are too much to bear at times, especially if you’ve got crying baby or fighting kids to contend with.

10 Signs You're Battling Caffeine Withdrawal

Depending on your consumption of caffeine; that is not just found in coffee and tea but dozens of foods and medicines, the symptoms of withdrawal can last a few days to a week.  It could last longer if you’ve been consuming 1000mg or more a day.

Fact: A cup coffee has between 60 to 250 grams of caffeine, depending on the size and whether it’s instant or filtered.

10 signs you’re battling caffeine withdrawal

  • Headache – they are so blinding and start behind the eyes and move up the front of the head.
  • Tiredness – not your run-of-the-mill variety, this is you’re upright but can’t keep your eyes open kind.
  • No concentration – you can’t think straight and your brain and thoughts feels scattered.
  • Cranky pants – everything and everyone will drive you bonkers, warn others to keep away.
  • The blues – you can’t see the light through the trees and feel slightly down.
  • Constipation – caffeine stimulates the bowel so you might have bowel trouble.
  • Stuffy nose – you might get flu-like symptoms such as a blocked sinus and pressure.
  • Body pain – if you have caffeine before you exercise it might make your workout much harder now.
  • Anxiety – in some people being without caffeine makes them anxious and nervous.
  • Dizzy Lizzy – you could be more clumsy as you lose your sense of balance.

Why do we drink coffee again?

The best way to reduce your chances of having the above symptoms is to slowly reduce your caffeine intake instead of going cold turkey.

Start by having one less coffee per day, cut out those sugary drinks that are packed with it and be mindful of other foods that have hidden caffeine.

Fact: Did you know that while Panadol contains paracetamol, Panadol extra with optizorb contains paracetamol and caffeine?

But the news isn’t all gloom and doom, removing caffeine from your diet has incredible benefits, both mentally and physically. The pain you’re going through won’t last forever.

10 Signs You're Battling Caffeine Withdrawal

Try these 5 natural remedies to help ease caffeine withdrawal symptoms

1. Try some ginseng

As you decrease your coffee intake, add a little ginseng to your drink or take ginseng supplements. Caffeine constricts the body’s blood vessels while ginseng has the opposite effect.

The caffeine headaches you’re suffering from are the result of swollen blood vessels, which is why ginseng works as a natural remedy for coffee addiction and withdrawal.

2. Have more magnesium and calcium

Coffee can deplete your body of magnesium so many people feel better when they start taking supplements. For this to work properly you need a certain amount of calcium in your system so up your dosage of this also.

3. Right nostril breathing

This is done by carefully pinching your left nostril until it’s closed, and using the right nostril to breathe for a few minutes.

Right nostril breathing apparently increases the oxygen levels in your body, resulting in more stable blood pressure and blood glucose levels and could help ease a withdrawal headache.

4. Get your yoga on

We’re big advocates of yoga because not only does it help you tone up and lose weight, restorative yoga can help to rejuvenate the body and relieve any tension, especially when you’re feeling on edge.

Just make sure you avoid any inverted yoga poses as this will aggravate your headache.

5. Take it easy

If at all possible get more sleep, drink HEAPS more water and use pain relief, just make sure it doesn’t have caffeine in it. Be mindful that tea isn’t always the best option because it too has caffeine, find a good herbal tea and enjoy.

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Here are 5 facts about caffeine you didn’t know

  1. Your favourite 100gram chocolate bar has about 10-30mg of caffeine
  2. It takes between 5 and 30 minutes to start affecting your body and brain.
  3. People were drinking coffee in 1000 AD.
  4.  For about 300 years doctors and scientists have been studying the health effects of caffeine in our diet.
  5. Caffeine is found in the leaves, seeds or fruit of more than 60 plants and some people still chew the leaves of plants just as people did thousands of years ago.

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