The most popular baby names in major cities around the world!

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One name may be very popular in Sydney but less so in New York or London.

Nameberry has complied a list of the top baby names in major English-speaking cities from around the world.

The naming moniker website looked at the top 5 boy and girl names in cities such as Chicago, Toronto, London, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles and Sydney to compare the results.

Check them out below…

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The top 5 girls names in cities around the world

Chicago girls

1. Cora

2. Evelyn

3. Olivia

4. Isabella

5. Isla

Toronto girls

1. Helen

2. Jocelyn

3. Alice

4. Juliet

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Source: Nameberry

New York girls

1. Cora

2. Genevieve

3. Amelia

4. Charlotte

5. Maeve

London girls

1. Ottilie

2. Cora

3. Arabella

4. Olivia

5. Aurora

Los Angeles girls

1. Cora

2. Olivia

3. Isabella

4. Caroline

5. Celeste

Dallas girls

1. Amara

2. Olivia

3. Rose

4. Caroline

5. Evelyn

Sydney girls

1. Charlotte

2. Cora

3. Adeline

4. Eloise

5. Isla

The top 5 boys names in cities around the world

Chicago boys

1. Greyson

2. Finn

3. Liam

4. Declan

5. Elijah

Toronto boys

1. Cary

2. Ellison

3. Ethan

4. Vincent

5. William

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Source: Nameberry

New York boys

1. Holden

2. Julian

3. Matthew

4. Maximilian

5. Theodore

London boys

1. Atticus

2. Arthur

3. Rafferty

4. Theodore

5. Otis

Los Angeles boys

1. Oliver

2. Milo

3. Atticus

4. Jasper

5. Oscar

Dallas boys

1. Atticus

2. Jasper

3. Maximus

4. Wyatt

5. Asher

Sydney boys

1. Theodore

2. Jack

3. Sebastian

4. Xavier

5. Atticus

“City-dwellers around the world, we found, share cosmopolitan name tastes and favour sophisticated baby names that are often ahead of the general trends,” says Nameberry.

“Cora and Atticus, liked by parents in all seven cities, are just beginning to climb international popularity lists.

“Urban favourites Jasper and Theodore are other emerging names, while city parents love Charlotte and Olivia just like everyone else.

“Many of these unique name favourites reflect their city’s style and population, such as Jack in outgoing Sydney and Helen in buttoned-up Toronto, Maeve in Irish New York and Amara in Latino Dallas. Chicagoans love New American baby names as fresh as the frontier, while Londoners prefer their names as ancient as their castles.”

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