This mum is setting goals and getting ready to tackle them this summer!

Chloe is on the countdown to summer and is setting goals. She is prepping food, upping her water and more to get ready for summer.
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Healthy Mummy Chloe Rizzi is getting ready for summer by taking part in our 100 Day to Summer Countdown and has been loving setting her goals and getting into the groove.

Want to get pumped, fit and ready for summer? There is still time to join Chloe on the 100 Day to Summer Countdown.

Chloe Rizzi transformation getting ready for summer

Chloe’s 100 Day Countdown to Summer has started

“As we sit here at Day 89 of the Countdown to Summer I feel super happy with how things are going just 11 days in!

This weekend I accomplished something I have not done in a really long time! It has been an extremely stressful and emotionally draining week that all came to head a few days ago. Instead of turning to food to deal with my emotions as I always have, being the renowned emotional eater that I am…or can now say was…I just switched off from social media/technology and I invested my mind body and soul into my four kids and partner!!”

Set your summer goals with our downloadable goal chart.

Chloe Rizzi family ready for summer
Chloe’s family are enjoying themselves also

“Now I feel refreshed and ready to continue smashing the countdown!

Before starting the Countdown to Summer my exercise was on point, water not close to where it should be and food about 60% of the way on point! My biggest issue consistency across these three areas!

11 days into the Countdown to Summer and my Exercise is still on point, my water needs improvement but wayyyyy better and the food is at about 80% on track which I’m super excited about and proud of!”

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Chloe Rizzi ready for summer food
Some of the food Chloe has cooked from our 100 Days to Summer Countdown

“I am finding the Countdown to Summer super helpful to be accountable!! It’s giving me perspective and reminding me every day what I am fighting for and where I am heading! Most of all it’s giving me belief and confidence in myself again!!

89 days to go and I am so darn excited of the possibilities that are ahead of me!!”

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