60 uncommon names set to become more common in 2019 – they’re ALL gorgeous!

Many expecting couples scour the internet looking for something uncommon to call their impending arrival.

Like many things, names often come in and out of fashion – but it looks like some old favourites are set to make a big return this year!

Popsugar has released 30 boys’ names that they believe will become more popular this year, as well as 30 girls’ names you won’t see at the top of any lists.

60 uncommon names set to become more common in 2019
Names often go in and out of fashion. Source: Pexels

30 uncommon boys’ names set to become more common this year!

1. Atticus

2. Jasper

3. Silas

4. Bodhi

5. Aryan

6. Soren

7. Ryker

8. Sebastian

9. Elio

10. Kai

11. Ronan

12. Caspian

13. Archer

14. Lachlan

15. Tobias

60 uncommon names set to become more common in 2019
How cute are the names Atticus and Tobias? Source: Pexels

16. Atlas

17. Wilder

18. Nolan

19. Magnus

20. Lucian

21. Gideon

22. Otto

23. Rhett

24. Thanos

25. Beckett

26. Griffin

27. Otis

28. Isaiah

29. Rowan

30. Dashiell

60 uncommon names set to become more common in 2019
You won’t find these names at the top of any lists. Source: iStock

Meanwhile, here are 30 uncommon girl names 

1. Alora

2. Aranza

3. Arely

4. Bexley

5. Brenna

6. Briar

7. Elliana

8. Ellison

9. Emerald

10. Ensley

11. Halle

12. Hadley

13. Holland

14. Jana

15. Kimora

60 uncommon names set to become more common in 2019
We love Briar and Selene. Source: Pexels

16. Kyra

17. Lizbeth

18. Marlowe

19. Nayeli

20. Oaklee

21. Riya

22. Rosalyn

23. Samira

24. Saoirse

25. Sarai

26. Selene

27. Vada

28. Vienna

29. Yara

30. Zion

Baby names from 1919 set to make a comeback in 2019

Meanwhile, here are 50 names that are also making a comeback

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