Utterly UNIQUE names for babies starting with the letter U

U may not be the most popular first initial when it comes to baby name, but there are some pretty unique monikers that begin with this letter.
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U may not be the most popular first initial when it comes to baby names, but there are some pretty great monikers that begin with this letter.

In fact, if you’re looking for unique names then be sure to check these out…

Utterly UNIQUE names for babies starting with the letter U

8 unique U names for girls

1. Udella

An old English name which means ‘wealthy’.

2. Uma

Uma is a Hindi goddess and in Sanskrit the word means ‘tranquility’, ‘splendour’ and ‘fame’.

3. Umber

This moniker could be unisex and is from French origins, meaning ‘earth colour’.

Utterly UNIQUE names for babies starting with the letter U

4. Umbria

An Italian name which means ‘shadow’.

5. Umbrielle

Umbrielle is a girl’s name of Latin origin meaning “one in the shadow”.

6. Una

A Latin and old Irish name meaning ‘one, only’ and ‘lamb’.

7. Unity

This name is English in original and means ‘oneness’.

8. Ursula

Saint Ursula was a legendary virgin princess of the 4th century and the name also pops up in Disney’s Little Mermaid. It means ‘little bear’.

8 unique U names for boys

Utterly UNIQUE names for babies starting with the letter U

1. Ugo

This Spanish name means ‘mind, intellect’.

2. Uistean

This Irish name means ‘heart’ in Gaelic.

3. Ulysses

Ulysses is a Greek name, the same as the hero of Homer’s Odyssey and means ‘wrathful’ and ‘hateful’.

4. Ultan

An Irish boy’s name which means ‘a man from Ulster’.

5. Umberto

Italian name that means ‘renowned warrior’.

6. Urban

This hip moniker means ‘city dweller’.

7. Urson

French name which means ‘bear’.

8. Uziah

Hebrew name which means ‘the Lord is my strength’.

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