22 baby names with unusual meanings

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Some people choose baby names that have a meaning. But for others, it doesn’t really matter. While many monikers have beautiful meanings such as ‘happiness’  or ‘joy’, there are some surprising meanings out there.

Whether it’s derived from a different language or another name, while these meanings are unique they are also interesting.

Check out 22 of these gorgeous baby names that have unusual meanings.

Baby names

11 girls names with unusual meanings

1. Belinda

Meaning: ‘Beautiful serpent’.

2. Cassandra

Meaning: ‘She who entangles men’.

3. Cecilia

Meaning: ‘Blind’.

4. Claudia

Meaning: ‘Lame’.

5. Courtney

Meaning: ‘Short nose’.

6. Emily

Meaning: ‘Rival’.

7. Giselle

Meaning: ‘Hostage’.

8. Leah

Meaning: ‘Weary’.


9. Olivia

Meaning: ‘Elf army’.

10. Molly

Meaning: ‘Bitter’.

11. Portia

Meaning: ‘Pig’.

10 boys names with unusual meanings

1. Caesar

Meaning: ‘Hairy’.

2. Cameron

Meaning: ‘Crooked nose’.

3. Caleb

Meaning: ‘Dog’.


4. Calvin

Meaning: ‘Bald’.

5. Connor

Meaning: ‘Hound-lover’.

6. Blair

Meaning: ‘eat moss’.

7. Kennedy

Meaning: ‘Helmet head’.

8. Oscar

Meaning: ‘Jumping fighter’.

Baby boy wearing diaper in white sunny bedroom. Newborn child relaxing in bed. Nursery for children. Textile and bedding for kids. Family morning at home. New born kid during tummy time with toy bear.

9. Mallory

Meaning: ‘Bad luck’.

10. Ralph

Meaning: ‘Wolf-counsel’.

11. Thomas

Meaning: ‘Twin’.

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