35 of the top baby names inspired by Disney

If you’re a huge Disney fan, then why not name your child after one of your favourite characters? It seems to already be a popular trend.

Research by Play Like Mum found that 17,000 kids have been given Disney names in the U.K. since 1996 – and they’re on the rise!

A huge 1,775 babies were given Disney monikers in just 2017, compared to just 188 in 1996.

The most popular Disney-inspired names? Woody, Elsa and Tiana. For the purpose of the stats, popular names like Anna and Jasmine, which could be or not be inspired by Disney characters, have been left out.

Add a touch of the Magic Kingdom to your bub’s life with these 35 baby names…


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35 of the top most popular baby names inspired by Disney

1. Elsa

From Frozen. Research from Play Like Mum says 3,101 babies have been names Elsa in the stats.


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2. Tiana

From The Princess and the Frog. So far, 2,931 babies have been named Tiana.

3. Aurora

From Sleeping Beauty. 2,876 babies have been named Aurora.

4. Belle

From Beauty and the Beast. 1,731 babies have been named Belle.

5. Minnie

As in Minnie Mouse. 1,385 babies have been named Minnie.

6. Woody

From Toy Story. 1,154 babies have been called Woody.


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7. Winnie

As in Winnie the Pooh. 1,154 kids have been named Winnie.

8. Olaf

From Frozen. 583 kids have been given the moniker Olaf.

9. Giselle

From Enchanted. 527 children have been named Giselle.

10. Ursula

From The Little Mermaid. 406 kids have been called Ursula.

11. Donald

As in Donald Duck. 324 kids have been named.

12. Mickey

As in Mickey Mouse. 292 kids have been called Mickey.

13. Ariel

From The Little Mermaid. 272 kids have been called Ariel.

14. Nala

From The Lion King. 199 children have been called Nala.

15. Esmeralda

From The Hunchback of Notre Dame. 180 kids have been called Esmeralda.

16. Jafar

From Aladdin. 92 kids have been called Jafar.

17. Timon

From The Lion King. 56 children have been called Timon.


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18. Snow

From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. 49 children have been called Snow.

19. Buzz

From Toy Story. 41 kids have been called Buzz in the stats.

20. Merida

From Brave. 35 kids have been called Merida.

21. Boo

From Monsters Inc. 27 kids have been named Boo.

22. Disney

19 kids have been named Disney in the stats.

23. Dash

From The Incredibles. 17 kids have been called Dash.

24. Genie

From Aladdin. 16 children have been called Genie.

25. Simba

From The Lion King. 15 kids have been called Simba.

26. Gaston

From Beauty and the Beast. 14 kids have been called Gaston.


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27. Lilo

From Lilo and Stitch. 13 children have been called Lilo.

28. Bambi

12 kids have been called Bambi.


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29. Moana

10 children have been named Moana.

30. Marlin

From Finding Nemo. 8 kids have been called Marlin.


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31. Nemo

From Finding Nemo. 8 kids have been called Nemo.

32. Aladdin

3 kids have been called Nemo.

33. Hercules

3 kids have been named Hercules.

34. Kristoff

From Frozen. 3 kids have been named Kristoff.

35. Maui

From Moana. 3 kids have been named Moana in the stats.

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