46 popular baby names that are HARD to SHORTEN – even if you try!

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Not keen on nicknames? Want to find a baby’s name that CAN’T be shortened? Then we suggest you keep reading, as there are actually a HEAP of monikers you’ll find hard to shorten.

Popsugar has shared a shortlist of baby names you can’t easily morph into a nickname.

Check out 46 of our favourite ones below…

baby girl 2

Girls name that are hard to shorten:

1. Ava

2. Amy

3. Blair

4. Brooke

5. Bree

6. Cara

7. Eve

8. Faith

9. Faye

10. Grace

baby girl 1

11. Hope

12. Joy

13. June

14. Nora

15. Nancy

16. Olive

17. Paige

18. Quinn

baby girl 3

19. Rose

20. Ruby

21. Ruth

22. Tara

23. Tia

Boys names that are hard to shorten:

1. Ace

2. Blake

3. Brynn

baby boy 3

4. Carl

5. Cole

6. Drake

7. Drew

8. Ethan

9. Eden

10. Finn

11. Graham

12. Harry

baby boy 2

13. Hugh

14. Ian

15. Jack

16. Kai

17. Mark

18. Max

19. Paul

baby boy 1

20. Reese

21. Seth

22. Sean

23. Zack

There you have it – 46 baby names people will struggle to shorten! If you are wanting MORE baby name inspiration check out The Top 100 Baby Names For Boys And Girls In Australia For 2017.

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