50 boys’ names that won’t be taken by another boy

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Every parent thinks their child is the holy grail, that’s because they are! Wanting to give your little one a name to boot comes with the love you feel for your child.

When finding a name for your baby boy you basically have 2 choices, simple and classic or unique and different. You may want to name your first child something unique and your second more simple.

Prime example: Chrissy Teigen, her first born daughter is called Luna and her new born son, Miles.

Pop Sugar parenting have compiled a list of unique boys names that Chrissy Teigen (circa Luna days) would approve of.


The 50 boys’ names that are extremely unique

Boy names

  1. Aaro
  2. Abbott
  3. Ackley
  4. Alber
  5. Arian
  6. Banner
  7. Benton
  8. Binx
  9. Bowie
  10. Brantley
  11. Brecken
  12. Caspian
  13. Clement
  14. Coen
  15. Cortez
  16. Danger
  17. Elian
  18. Eliseo
  19. Ellis
  20. Enoch
  21. Hopper
  22. Jabari
  23. Jakobe
  24. Keon
  25. Kael
  26. Lathan
  27. Lazarus
  28. Maksim
  29. Malaki
  30. Maxton
  31. Mekhi
  32. Orson
  33. Otto
  34. Piers
  35. Radley
  36. Ridge
  37. Roderick
  38. Ryker
  39. Slate
  40. Steel
  41. Thaddeus
  42. Vaughn
  43. Viggo
  44. Webster
  45. Wilder
  46. Wolfe
  47. Yehuda
  48. Zaire
  49. Zeke
  50. Zephyr

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