6 Healthy Smoothie Bowls for when you are feeling tired and run down

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There is nothing worse when you are run down and don’t feel great, but still a bit peckish and have no idea what you can eat. These healthy Smoothie bowls are just the thing for you with lots of delicious and nutritious ingredients plus added vitamins and minerals from the Healthy Mummy Smoothie mix to help boost your immune system.

Benefits of Healthy Mummy Smoothies

Healthy Mummy Smoothies are an excellent source of essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients & important antioxidants to help boost your immune.

They don’t contain weight loss accelerants, caffeine, gluten and are dairy-free.  They also help with weight management when used as part of a diet & exercise plan.

6 Healthy Smoothie Bowls

Smoothie bowls are just like the Healthy Mummy Smoothies you know and love, but thicker and made to eat with a spoon. YUMMMM!!!

Anti-Ageing Brekkie Bowl

This delicious Anti-Ageing Brekkie Bowl contains so much nutritional goodness that the added benefits of Healthy Mummy SKIN Beauty Collagen Powder and Healthy Mummy Chocolate Smoothie mix just makes this the perfect addition to your healthy meal plan!

Get the recipe HERE

Strawberry Banana Smoothie Bowl

Just the right balance of flavours and nutrients, to help kick start your day.

Get the recipe HERE

Green Smoothie Bowl

With mango, pineapple and spinach, we can feel it doing us good, even before the first mouthful.

green smoothie bowl
Get the recipe HERE

Choc Mint Smoothie Bowl

Full of goodness like banana, spinach, dates and Super Greens powder for that extra immune boost!

choc mint smoothie bowl
Get the recipe HERE

Fruity Smoothie Bowl

Oh my. They say we eat with our eyes. This looks absolutely delicious and full of great healthy ingredients and flavours too.

Samara smoothie bowl recipe
Get the recipe HERE

Sneaky SNICKERS smoothie bowl

Not only does this smoothie bowl taste great, it is also incredibly versatile. You could halve the ingredients to make it a snack, switch up the toppings to make it a dessert, or to utilize whatever you have on hand. For more smoothie recipes try this Black Forest Gateaux Smoothie Recipe!

Sneaky Snickers Smoothie Bowl
Get the recipe here


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