4 simple and stunning smoothie bowl recipes to start your day

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The Healthy Mummy community has been turning breakfast into an art form with their beautifully presented smoothie bowl creations.

Not only are these smoothie bowl recipes quick to make, but they also have all the right balance of flavours and nutrients, to kick-start your day.

Create your own variations, snap and send to your instagram account and watch it explode!

healthy smoothie bowl

4 smoothie bowl recipes for your weight loss meal plan

If you are trying to lose weight, and enjoy delicious food but find mornings hectic, a smoothie bowl breakfast is a perfect choice.

You can whip these up in just a few minutes. Then use a little of your creative flair to decorate them with fresh fruit and seeds. This is art and food in one!

Healthy Mummy community member Lauren Kolstad shares her delicious recipe with us.

1. Strawberry Banana Smoothie Bowl

Banana and strawberry smoothie


  • 100ml coconut water
  • 1 serve Vanilla Healthy Mummy Smoothie Mix
  • 1 baby beetroot
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 3 fresh strawberries
  • 6 cubes ice

METHOD: Mix together in a blender and top with fresh or frozen fruits, coconut and LSA.

2. Sneaky Snickers Smoothie Bowl

Snickers Smoothie BowlDoesn’t this bowl of chocolatey goodness make you want to jump right in?

Healthy Mummy community member Gen Parham whips this up as a delicious breakfast and adds her artistic flair with banana slices and sprinkles of coconut, almond slithers and flax seeds.

Grab this Sneaky Snickers Smoothie Bowl recipe from the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

3. Green Booster Smoothie Bowl

green booster smoothie breakfast bowl
Image source: Lauren Kolstad

The brighter, the better right? Lauren Kolstad creates a visual feast for the eyes by topping the Healthy Mummy Green Booster Smoothie Bowl Recipe with an assortment of tropical fruits and seeds.

If you would like to see the Green Booster Smoothie Bowl recipe and many more delicious, healthy breakfast options to help you lose weight, sign up for the next 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge .

4. Green Smoothie Bowl

green smoothie bowlSawara Madsen’s Green Smoothie Bowl recipe looks so fresh and inviting. With mango, pineapple and spinach, we can feel it doing us good before the first mouthful.


  • 2 tbls hm vanilla smoothie powder
  • 1/2 cup frozen mango
  • 1/4 cup frozen or fresh pineapple
  • 1 cup baby spinach
  • 120 mls coconut milk
  • 1 cup ice (less if using frozen fruit)


  1. Blend for 2 minutes and pour into bowl
  2. Top with 1/2 banana 1 tbls of shredded coconut 1 tsp of chia seeds 1 tbls of pepitas

Nutritional information – 331 calories

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