Healthy Mummy on Better Homes and Gardens makes 60 meals for $120

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Our AMAZING Meal Prep Queen is at it again! This time, Kaitie Purssell has been sharing her tips on meal prep and eating healthy on a budget with Better Homes and Gardens host Johanna Griggs. 

For the Better Homes and Gardens segment, Kaitie made 60 hearty and healthy recipes from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge for just $120. THAT WORKS OUT AT just $2 per serving – not to mention her meals look absolutely YUMMY!


Kaitie’s day with Better Homes and Gardens! 

Kaitie says Johanna and the Better Homes and Gardens crew came to her house before they headed off to her local Woolworths to shop for groceries. 

BHG shop

When it comes to meal prep Kaitie says, “I always aim for budget effective as well time efficient.

“The shopping came to $120, and the plan was to make 60 meals using those ingredients,” she says. 

“After that we headed back to my house where the magic began.”

60 healthy meals for $120 – that’s just $2 per serving!

Kaitie, who has lost 21kg following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, says meal prep was a massive factor in helping her get into shape.


“With plans to spend $120 on 60 healthy family friendly meals, I went to the drawing board.

“Searching through the hundreds of recipes on The Healthy Mummy’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge hub, I opted for some old time favourites,” she spills.

cooking 1

What Kaitie made for $120:

1.Mexican Lasagna

Mexican Lasgane

This healthy and delicious version of a Mexican Style Lasagna is ideal when following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. Not to mention, will no doubt become a quick family-fave.

Get the recipe here.

2.Beef San Choy Bow

San choy bow

If you have stomach fat to lose then you have come to the right place. This recipe is only 390 calories!

Get the recipe here.

3.Spinach and Ricotta Rolls


Here at The Healthy Mummy we absolutely love recipes with just a handful of ingredients, and this one is a goody. What’s more these yummy treats are only 230 calories per roll.

Get the recipe here.

4.One Pot Spaghetti Bolognese

One pot spagThis Pot Spag Bol dish is only 493 calories per serve. It’s a great one pot meal that will feed a family of 6 (or provide delicious leftovers).

Check out the recipe here.

5.Healthy Slow Cooked Asian Chicken


This yummy meal is only 320 per serve INCLUDING the rice, making it IDEAL if you’re following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

You can grab the recipe here.

6.One Pot Beef Stroganoff


This Beef Stroganoff is perfect for the whole family and packed full of iron and nutrients, and it’s only 250 calories per serving.

Check out the recipe here.

7.Thai Style Fried Rice

fried rice 2

At 433 calories this delicious recipe comes straight from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and is one of our favourites here at Healthy Mummy HQ.

Grab this recipe here.

8.Lentil Shepherd’s Pie

This is a great vegetarian dish, inspired by a classic Shepherd’s Pie, with lentils taking the place of meat – and it’s only 365 calories per serving.

Get this recipe here.


“After everything was cooked we portioned all the meals out into containers, labeled with dates and got them ready for the freezer,” she says. 

“I had a blast working with the Better Homes and Gardens team. They were unbelievable.”

Kaitie, once again, you have certainly out meal-prepped yourself.

Check out Kaitie’s meal prep on Better Homes and Gardens here:

Well Kaitie, it’s no wonder you have been hailed The Healthy Mummy Meal Prep Queen! We can’t wait to see what you cook up NEXT!

Read more on Kaities Meal prep tips plus how to get started on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Kaitie’s 21kg* Weight Loss

Did you know Kaitie credits her incredibly quick, easy and healthy slim down to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge?


Kaitie says, The Healthy Mummy has changed my views 110%!

“I love healthy food, I know what is in almost everything I eat, I save money and, believe it or not, in most cases, time by using the Healthy Mummy Meal Plans and cooking most things from scratch.”

In the beginning, Kaitie reveals what she ‘ate’ was her downfall. However, that has all changed. “For me, food has 90% contributed to my weight loss. 

“I love food, I always have but I’m very slowly starting to love me too.

Access meal plans, recipes and meal prep tips on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

If you are inspired by Kaitie’s meal prep and weight loss journey – and are keen to follow a healthy eating meal plan, master your meal prep skills and tackle your weight – then be sure to check out our  28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge has been able to help thousands and thousand of mums lose weight, blast belly fat and improve their overall health through healthy eating plans and exercise programs.


To learn more about the  28 Day Weight Loss Challenge click HERE

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