8 must have items to make family summer holidays easier!

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Summer holidays with the family aren’t easy!

Not only do you have to deal with tired baby, long delays, time zones wrecking havoc with sleeps.

There might also be long car trips, unfamiliar environments and crowds can make you feel like you shouldn’t of left home in the first place!

But here’s a few (eight to be more precise) ‘must-have items’ to make family summer holidays that little bit easier for everyone!

Mum holding baby on lap in plane

8 must have items to make family summer holidays easier!

1. A good travel pram

My travel pram checklist includes:

  • Must be able to full recline
  • Easy one hand fold
  • Lightweight
  • Compact when folded
  • Able to fit in a travel bag and
  • Extra points if it can go in carry on when flying.

Even if your toddler is out of the pram stage, I always recommend bringing one along, as even big kids get tired easily when adventuring! If no one is using it, its great to load all your stuff in!

2. Baby carrier

A comfy baby carrier is a godsend when travelling. You can keep your baby or toddler safe and happy. No tired legs, no getting lost or running away and you’ve got two hands free to get baggage off the carousel!

Just be mindful that you can’t go through airport security or take off/landing while wearing a baby carrier.

mum at dreamworld wearing baby in carrier

3. Sleep aids

Travelling can put routines out of whack and cause sleeping issues so I highly recommend the CoziGo, a universal pop up sunshade, which can block out light and stimulation.

It fits on airline bassinets perfectly and helps babies get much needed rest on long haul flights. A block out curtain can also help make the room dark, a life saver when trying to get kids adjust to the time zone changes or daylight savings.

CoziGo means your baby can sleep when needed and stay on routine! 100% air permeable, and by blocking 97% of light and movement, bub is able to sleep distraction free, and safely. Order yours at www.cozigo.com

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4. Swim nappy / costumes and a hat

Family holidays are better gifts to give kids than toys, says expert

Summer holidays usually mean lazing around the pool or on the beach.. jokes! You’re a parent! You’ll be playing marco polo in the kiddy pool!

No one wants to clear the hotel pool with a code brown so if you’ve got little ones, invest in a good quality swim nappy to ensure any accidents don’t close the pool. Little Toggs swim nappies are specifically designed to protect against leaks and are SPF 50+ too!

Make sure you’ve pack a few hats and a rashie to be as sun safe as possible.

5. Insect spray

Scientists claim family holidays make kids SMARTER and HAPPIER

In some countries getting bitten by a mosquito can be a lot more serious than just an itchy welt as they can carry dangerous diseases! I use ‘Bug Off My Baby’ by Vanessa Megan as its certified organic and protects baby against mosquitos, sand flies and other bugs with essential oils instead of nasty chemicals.

6. First aid kit

Depending on your destination, basic medical care could be too far away or substandard, so you should always be prepared to deal with little mishaps.

Language barriers can make even the simplest medication request turn out disastrous so always carry extra of any regular medications needed. You can buy a regular first aid kit and then add the necessary kids extras like a thermometer, baby paracetamol, Gastro Stop, Hydrolyte and antihistamines.

Are you trained in first aid? Here’s why this mum urges parents to have first aid training.

7. Baby monitor

Experts Says Baby Monitors Cause Unnecessary Fear and Self Doubt

When staying in a holiday accommodation, I highly recommend taking a baby monitor. I pack my Angelcare monitor so I know I will be able to hear him throughout whatever accommodation we choose and I can even relax on the balcony while I can watch him on the LCD screen.

It also displays the room temperature, so you can work out how to dress baby for bed if you’re in a different climate.

8. Boredom busters

Long trips are super boring for kids so be prepared with lots of snack, magnetic puzzles, tablet, music, crayons, sticker books etc.

There are plenty of healthy and delicious snacks you can make for the kids in The Healthy Mummy’s Healthy Kids Lunch Boxes eBook. The recipes are easy to make, offer maximum nourishment and can be stored away in a lunch box – perfect for when travelling.

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