Rescue Rashie: Keeping our kids water safe these summer holidays

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Summer brings with it this chant from our kids: “Mum can we go for a swim!?” what feels like 245,000 times a day!

With the summer school holidays fast approaching, Westpac and CPR kids have developed a life-saving aid, the Rescue Rashie – an innovation in swimwear designed to save lives across Australia and to help put a mum’s mind at ease.

If your little one is not a strong swimmer or you lack the knowledge of CPR, then this is for you…

What is the Rescue Rashie?

Surprisingly, more than half of Australian parents say they wouldn’t know how to resuscitate their child if they stopped breathing, which is why these rashies have been developed with the help of Westpac and paediatric first aid training and awareness organisation CPR kids.

The bright red Westpac Rescue Rashie zips down the front to reveal CPR instructions. If you come into a sticky/wet situation and your child is in trouble in the water you can instantly know what action to perform.

Not only is it an actual lifesaver, but because of the rashie’s sun-safe UPF 50+ rating, you no longer have the excruciating task of applying sunscreen to your wriggly child wanting to get our of your grasp and to the shore immediately!

Made in sizes for two to eight-year-olds, these rashies benefit you and your child.

The rashies are being sold for $35 with proceeds going to Take Heart Australia to fund CPR training.

Drowning incidents in Australia

The Royal Life Saving Society states that in 2016, 81% of drowning in 0-4 year olds occurred due to falls into water. 64% of drownings in 5-14 year olds occurred whilst swimming.

Children don’t always make noise or splash frantically while they drowning, so wearing this Rescue Rashie is one more safety net for your child when swimming.

If your child is wearing the brightly coloured rashie while in trouble in the water then it increases the chances of someone pulling them out of the water and seeing the CPR instructions which can then perform instantly.

Keep in mind that 3cm of water is all it takes for a toddler to have the ability to drown, so always being present and watching could be the difference between a toddler drowning or not.

For more information on summer safety and kids health check out our blogs on keeping your kids safe in the heat and at BBQs.

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