The latest trend in baby names is inspired by history

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Are you a lover of the royal family? Can’t get enough of the TV series The Crown? Well, you’re in luck, you can now make history with your future baby.

This most popular baby names of today list from the Office for National Statistics has shown a strong similarity to baby names common in the 1900s.

These names are literally fit for a princess or a prince, think George, Margaret and Ernest. The moniker you give your baby will last a lifetime, so why not make it one of a leader!

Scroll down to add these baby names that were popular at the beginning of the 20th century to your list.

Portrait of two week old sleeping newborn baby girl. She is wearing a rhinestone crown and is posed with her chin on her hands.

The unexpected baby names that are back on trend

When looking at this list it seems like parents are going back in time rather than forward, and why not?

The past brings with it history, significance and power. If it’s good enough for Harry and Megan’s future baby, it’s good enough for us!

Top 20 girls’ names in 1904

  1. Mary (Currently #250)
  2. Florence (Currently #19)
  3. Doris (Currently #2,547)
  4. Edith (Currently #96)
  5. Dorothy (Currently #274)
  6. Annie (Currently #108)
  7. Margaret (Currently #423)
  8. Alice (Currently #17)
  9. Elizabeth (Currently #85)
  10. Elsie (Currently #31)
  11. Gladys (Currently #4,763)
  12. Winifred (Currently #790)
  13. Ethel (Currently #1,834)
  14. Hilda (Currently #3,609)
  15. Lilian (Currently #630)
  16. Ivy (Currently #33)
  17. Violet (Currently #85)
  18. Kathleen (Currently #938)
  19. Ellen (Currently #475)
  20. Lily (Currently #7)

Top 20 boys’ names in 1904

  1. George (Currently #3)
  2. Thomas (Currently #9)
  3. Arthur (Currently #30)
  4. James (Currently #12)
  5. Charles (Currently #72)
  6. Frederick (Currently #76)
  7. Albert (Currently #64)
  8. Ernest (Currently #320)
  9. Alfred (Currently #111)
  10. Edward (Currently #23)
  11. Joseph (Currently #22)
  12. Harold (Currently #1,123)
  13. Robert (Currently #109)
  14. Frank (Currently #175)
  15. Henry (Currently #15)
  16. Harry (Currently #2)
  17. Walter (Currently #341)
  18. Reginald (Currently #296)

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