BABY NAME trends for 2022 – many inspired by Bridgerton!

It looks like Netflix hit Bridgerton has made a big impact on expecting mum and dads (maybe some babies were conceived thanks to this show), as experts have predicted baby names next year will be inspired by the popular TV show!

In fact, baby naming website Nameberry  believes monikers such as Eloise, Benedict, Marina, Daphne, Hyacinth and Francesca will top the name charts in 2022.


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Maybe other popular characters such as Siena, Philippa, Prudence, Violet, Portia, Genevieve, Kitty and Simon will also hit top of the lists – what’s your favourite one?

And that’s not all….

Baby name trends for 2022

BABY NAME trends for 2022 - many inspired by Bridgerton!

Other popular naming trends are believed to be MIDDLE names beginning with the letter ‘R’, which are short and snappy.

  • Reed
  • Revel
  • Rio
  • Rogue
  • Rox
  • Roan
  • Reed

Retro baby names

BABY NAME trends for 2022 - many inspired by Bridgerton!

Retro names such as Polly, Betty, Bobby, Nellie, Gus, Goldie, Frank, Mae and Goldie are also set to be making a comeback along with ‘Euro Chic Names’, such as:

  • Cillian
  • Oona
  • Astrid
  • Cosmo
  • Petra
  • Dimitri
  • Malachy

BABY NAME trends for 2022 - many inspired by Bridgerton!

According to the website, “2022 will mark a shift away from culturally distinct names like the Irish Saoirse or the Italian Gianni and toward the vaguer pan-European names whose origins are harder to pin down.”

Interesting! Is your baby name on the list?

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