OMG ALERT: Gender reveal parties using lasagne are now a thing!

Want a gender reveal party but not a fan of cake? How about using lasagne instead? Yep, really! Keep up to date with what's trending here.
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Want a gender reveal party but not a fan of cake? How about using lasagne instead? Yep, really!

Confused? We were too.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more absurd, it transpires that the cheese used inside the lasagne is either coloured blue or pink depending on your baby’s gender.

Makes sense now, right?! Right?

Lasagne gender reveal party, anyone? Source: Villa Italian Kitchen

Gender reveal lasagne parties now exist

How did this all come about, you’re asking? It seems everyone was using cake at their gender reveal parties last week and now there’s a savoury version trending.

The lasagne idea is the brainchild of a restaurant chain in the U.S. called Villa Italian Kitchen.

“Want a fun way to reveal the gender of your baby? Our Gender Reveal Lasagna is your answer,” a press release from Villa Italian Kitchen reads.

“Celebrate your family’s new addition with our catering package which includes a cheese lasagna with a pink or blue interior, garlic rolls and salad.”

It’s a boy! The gender reveal is in the cheese. Source: Villa Italian Kitchen

The gender reveal lasagne package comes at US$140 for the specially dyed pink or blue cheese in the lasagne, garlic rolls and salad for 12 people.

While at first, it may seem a little ‘out-there’, it’s actually not a bad option for diabetics, those with a savoury tooth or parents-to-be who just love pasta! 

We can’t wait to see what other gender reveal ideas stem from this – maybe burger-themed or even one using different coloured pasta sheets in the lasagne instead, perhaps?

Then there are the sports-related gender reveals, like hitting a ball with a baseball bat or slam dunking through a basketball hoop. If you have any other suggestions, let us know!


What are your thoughts on lasagne gender reveal parties or gender reveal parties in general?

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