Don’t let binge eating habits destroy your chances of living your happiest and healthiest life

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Are you caught in a cycle of binge eating, then feeling guilty and depressed, only to do it over again? Don’t worry – you are not alone! Mum-of-3 Tanya Priest knows exactly what you are going through and what it is like to lose weight and gain it again.

Now however, with a new mindset and her easy to follow healthy eating plan, she has successfully broken her cycle of binge eating and is already seeing huge changes in her mental and physical health.

Excited about reaching and maintaining her weight loss for good, she wants to remind mums that if you fall off the wagon it’s never too late to pick yourself up and start again. Read her story and see her dramatic changes below.


Tanya had huge success with The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges back in 2017 to 2018 losing a whopping 30kg and completely transforming her body, face and life but over time bad habits crept back in.

“Binge eating cycle got the better of me”

Slowly Tanya started drifting from her heathy eating plan and got caught up in the cycle of feeling depressed, binge eating and then feeling like she had to work twice as hard to get back on track because she had made bad choices. And that led her to feeling more depressed and the cycle continued.

“I felt like I wasn’t really being a healthy mummy anymore and then I tried a few different things that didn’t work and then I went back to work and just stopped making myself a priority” says Tanya.

Time for a change “Enough was enough”

At Christmas time Tanya decided enough was enough. She says “I had just had enough! I was tired of making excuses to just start again tomorrow or try another fad diet. Just because I had slipped from my healthy eating plan didn’t mean I wasn’t a healthy mummy and couldn’t pick myself back up again”.  

Tanya rejoined the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and just took things slowly. One week she would focus on following the meal plan, the next she tried meal prepping again. With the right mindset and being consistent with workouts things started to change.

To her surprise she says “it all started coming together for me again. I forgot how easy it makes life especially now that I am working”.

“Doing a little bit of meal prep each week and knowing I have options at the ready helps for when I am tempted to get takeout or buy lunch because I’m tired or upset or stressed”. Read 15 ways to save time on your weekly meal prep

“Exercise is so much easier when I’m not pushing myself to extremes just trying to make sure I get some in every week and make it fun again”.


“And I forgot how supportive the Healthy Mummy community is. It’s really helped me not feel so down if I ever slip up”.  Join the Private Healthy Mummy Facebook Support Group

“This time around I’m kind of accepting that binge eating is going to be something I may not ever be cured from. So I’m not going to say that I’ve ever gotten over it as I know there will be times I slip up but there will be more time’s that I win that little battle when I’m stressed or depressed and go for walk or a workout or take my daughter outside to play instead”.

“It’s never too late to start again”

Tanya says that restarting her Healthy Mummy journey this year has been the best decision she has made for herself and her mental and physical health.

She only has to look back at her face transformation to date (2017-2020) to remind herself of just how far she has come. Wow!



At first I kind of felt ashamed that after working so hard to lose 30kgs from March 2017 to March 2018 I had put 10kgs back on and kind of just lost a few then put in back on.

I was just not taking care of myself and making so many excuses but now I’m just proud of what I did before and what I know I can do again”.

Favorite Healthy Mummy meals

“My favourite recipes that I make every week are the bacon and corn crustless quiches*, chicken and chorizo enchiladas, gingerbread pancakes, almond and chia seed muffins*, choc chip banana bread, steak and mushrooms*. OMG there are so many we love!” says Tanya. * to access these and thousands more delicious recipes join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

In addition to the healthy recipes Tanya regularly has a smoothie of protein powder with ice oats and frozen berries before or after work.

“The changes in just 4 weeks have been amazing”


If you are following a healthy eating plan such as The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and doing regular exercise you will start noticing changes in both your physical and mental health.

Mum Tanya says “I am no where near back where I started and the changes in just 4 weeks have been AMAZING!.

“My confidence and energy is back”

“I have no idea how much weight I’ve lost” says Tanya. “All I know is my confidence and energy is back and I’m just loving life.

I’m back at parkrun. I’m being consistent at the gym and I’ve even stepped out of my comfort zone and joined a dance class.

I just love calling myself a Healthy Mummy again”.


“Sometimes I doubt how far I’ve come but I am getting there just slowly 2017 – 2020.

I am so happy I rejoined The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges as it is helping me to focus on my goals again!”

The Healthy Mummy team are so proud of Tanya for how far she has come and most importantly for not giving up on achieving her weight loss goals and desire to live a happy and healthy life.

Way to go Tanya!

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