These mums have lost 120 kgs between them! Read their stories for some weight loss motivation.

We love celebrating our mums and the amazing weight loss results of these eleven Healthy Mummy mums is well worth celebrating. If you need some weight loss motivation check them out.
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We love to celebrate the transformations of our mums with weekly shoutouts and these 11 mums have transformations that are well worth celebrating. Well done, mums!

Chloe Mondon


“I will be forever grateful I stumbled across The Healthy Mummy while flicking through Facebook! I love how The Healthy Mummy has just slotted into my family’s lifestyle perfectly. Being happy, healthy, fit and confident has come so easy just by following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge with The Healthy Mummy smoothies! 25kgs gone forever and a whole lot of happiness and confidence gained.”

Ashleigh Dunkley


“Five and a half years after I discovered The Healthy Mummy, I am still maintaining my weight!

In that time I have had a second pregnancy and lost my baby weight again, battled severe PND and anxiety and hit just about every life hurdle you can imagine.

The thing that has remained constant in that time is my healthy diet. I’m injury prone (clumsy some might say) so even my exercise varies, but I maintain my weight and good health with the 4000+ family-friendly recipes from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App.”

Courtney Thursfield


“Getting ready to go out is very different now! 

Pic 1 – This is me dressed for an Australia Day awards ceremony this year. I was uncomfortable in the dress, I had to cover my arms with a cardigan and I was just generally unhappy with how I looked in the outfit.

Flash forward to pic 2 – I’m dressed for a girls night out, in a jumpsuit with no stretch at all (something I never ever thought I could wear!). I’m comfortable and happy.

I’m more confident now, I love the fact that I want to get dressed up! I can go out shopping now and choose anything off the rack – I’m not standing there worrying if you can see my arms, my thighs, my tummy.

I have lost so much more than the 18kgs since I joined The Healthy Mummy. I’ve lost my worries about how should I look, my panic about what I should wear and my fear of walking into stores where I may not fit into their biggest size!

This is what seven months of The Healthy Mummy has done for me – I am so happy I made the leap when I did!”

Court Davis


“30kgs GONE FOR GOOD!!!

I never thought of myself as strong, I had no willpower and I was miserable. With PCOS and endometriosis, and a thyroid condition it seemed impossible.

I hated my body.

Then I found The Healthy Mummy, joined the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and signed up to the gym.

Now I’m a new person, I can run, I can jump and I can play with my daughter!!

And this week I hit a PB deadlift of 95kgs!!! 

The Healthy Mummy has changed my life for the better and I’ll never look back!!!”

Bec Camm


“18 months with The Healthy Mummy and in this time I’ve had another baby!

I initially lost 24kg in the 10 months following the birth of my second daughter before falling pregnant again. I continued following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and using The Healthy Mummy products throughout my pregnancy. I gained 19kg this time around (which is half of what I gained in my last pregnancy) and at 10 weeks postpartum I have officially lost all of that pregnancy weight. I’m looking forward to smashing out the rest of my goals and looking/feeling even better than I did before kids.” 

Sara Klose


“20.1.18 – 21.9.18

98.6kg – 77.1kg

Size 18/20 – Size 12

I ate to my BMR calories and moved my body 3-4 times a week. That’s it. I followed The Healthy Mummy eating plan when I liked the suggested meals and switched them out to something else when I wanted something different. I’ve had “bad” days, I’ve had “cheat” meals and takeaway but I always reset at my next meal to make better choices. I’ve even gained 700gms this week due to overindulging last weekend but it was sooooo worth it (time with my beautiful sister always is) and seriously just LOOK at the difference in these pics!!”

If I can do this successfully so can you x”

Bec Seach42205383_10155539803686822_4343458769556996096_n

“Hi Healthy Mummies! I joined the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge in September last year and started using the smoothies. However, my breastfed babe had allergies and I couldn’t continue with the smoothies but the amazing tools in the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge allowed me to put in her allergies and show me the foods I could eat. My eldest daughter (3 years) also has a special diet known as failsafe (if anyone is familiar with it) where a lot of foods that you or I would consider healthy are not healthy for her and she reacts to them.

I struggle eating the way I want to and having to say to her no I’m sorry you can’t have any broccoli or mushrooms etc. Many parents are trying to hide veggies in their kid’s food and mine is asking for them! It seems crazy I know and if I hadn’t seen her reactions first hand I would probably think I was crazy too. 

But the point to my post is my journey is unique just like everyone else’s, it may be slower than I’d like because of our family’s unique situation but I’ve been slowly plodding along in the background and I’m finally starting to see results. I am now more than 5kgs less than my pre-baby weight (25+kgs gone!) and feeling so much better about myself. I have just weaned my daughter so now I can have smoothies again and I’ve just ordered the new choc fudge can’t wait to get it!!”

Kylie Chicco


“I used to weigh 99kgs and although I lost the weight, I never gained confidence and always saw that fat girl in the mirror. I then fell pregnant with my first and not long after falling pregnant with my second. I hated how lazy I had become, stuck on the lounge most days either breastfeeding or too depressed to leave the house, I could see that fat girl coming back to get me. March this year I decided it was time to change. I bit the bullet and signed up for The Healthy Mummy. I set myself a goal and that goal was to never give up. I wanted to so many times, especially those weeks when the scales didn’t move. But I am glad I didn’t, consistency is the key.

Breastfeeding mums, it works. I am currently breastfeeding and have still lost weight. Not as quickly I am sure it would be if I wasn’t, but 12kgs down since March. Slow and steady wins the race right.

I started at 71kgs and I am currently 59kgs. 1kg away from my goal weight and lots of cms lost. I still have that goal of not giving up and I am going to make it to summer and wear that bikini I have always wanted to wear. 

Thanks to The Healthy Mummy, I no longer see the fat girl in the mirror. I now feel confident and proud of where I have come. I still have some toning to do, but that’s why we are doing our 100 days til summer. Bring on summer.”

Cheryl Boughton


“Before my boys, I loved buying myself sets of lingerie. This is my first set in about 20 years.

I didn’t think I’d feel confident and happy again after 4 kids but having my 5th changed that. I discovered The Healthy Mummy

I may be over 45, I may have hypothyroidism but one thing is for sure I am going to do everything I can to not suffer type 2 diabetes like my dad’s side of the family. Having gestational diabetes with my 5th was bad enough.”

Jess Zejfert


“The start of 100 Days to Summer to today (day 71)!

I’m getting hopeful that I might actually be able to wear these shorts this summer!!

All thanks to The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Challenge and the delicious smoothies.”

Chanelle Jade Miller


 “Day 1 vs Day 28.
  • Down a pants size 
  • More energy
  • Improved mental health 
  • Slimmer back 
  • Starting to see some shape in my 

The amazing food and workout videos from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge have been key to this success! Not a challenge member? Sign up here.”

Well done ladies your transformations are amazing! If these mums have given you some weight loss motivation you should join our Facebook support group and see all the mums share their amazing transformations and maybe you can share your own.

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