30 uncommon and pretty baby names for girls and their meanings

If you're having a baby girl and want an uncommon baby name check out these 30 that are beautiful and not used as commonly as others.
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Many parents-to-be look for uncommon baby names, but they may often find that unique names are often hard to pronounce.

Some of the most popular monikers, such as Olivia, Luna and Daisy, are gorgeous sounding, but there is a heap of beautiful girls names out there.

PopSugar has pulled together a list of uncommon but pretty names for girls. Check them out below…


30 uncommon pretty baby names for girls and their meanings

1. Alora

Meaning: Better than best. It is a derivation of Eleanor, which means ‘shining light’.

2. Aranza

Meaning: A girl’s name of Spanish origin meaning ‘Among the thorns’.

3. Arely

Meaning: The female version of Areli, which means ‘lion of God’ in Hebrew.

4. Bexley

Meaning: English town, meaning bex ‘box tree’ and leah ‘woodland clearing’.

5. Brenna

Meaning: Feminine form of Brian, which comes from the Celtic word brígh and means ‘noble, strong, virtuous.’

6. Briar

Meaning: Briar is in reference to “The Briar Rose,” a Brothers Grimm fairy tale that we know today by the name Sleeping Beauty.

7. Elliana

Meaning: Eliana a variation of the Hebrew name Eliyanah which means ‘God has answered me’.


8. Ellison

Meaning: Unisex name which means ‘Son of Elder’.

9. Emerald

Meaning: Spanish name but also a precious stone.

10. Ensley

Meaning: ‘One’s own meadow’.

11. Halle

Meaning: Derived from a Nordic masculine name Halli, meaning ‘rock’.

12. Hadley

Meaning: ‘Heather field’.

13. Holland

Meaning: Usually a surname that means ‘woodland’.

14. Jana

Meaning: Slavic short-form for Johanna, which means ‘God is gracious’.

15. Kimora

Meaning: A Japanese surname and also a variant of Kim, meaning ‘brave and noble’.

16. Kyra

Meaning: Feminine form of the Greek Kyros, meaning ‘sun’.

17. Lizbeth

Meaning: Hebrew name meaning ‘Oath of God’.


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18. Marlowe

Meaning: ‘From the hill by the lake’.

19. Nayeli

Meaning: ‘I love you’ in the language of the Zapotec Indians of Mexico.

20. Oaklee

Meaning: ‘Meadow of oak trees’.

21. Riya

Meaning: Riya is a Hindu name and means ‘singer’ in Sanskrit.

22. Rosalyn

Meaning: ‘Rose’.

23. Samira

Meaning: Arabic name meaning ‘she who is of pleasant company and loved’.


24. Saoirse

Meaning: Irish name meaning ‘freedom’.

25. Sarai

Meaning: Biblical name meaning ‘my lady; my princess’.

26. Selene

Meaning: Latin for ‘moon’.

27. Vada

Meaning: The main character’s name in the film My Girl. German meaning ‘Famous Ruler’.

28. Vienna

Meaning: Dutch word meaning ‘forest stream’.

29. Yara

Meaning: Arabic, Persian and Brazilian, meaning ‘small butterfly’.

30. Zion

Meaning: Biblical, meaning ‘promised land’.

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