Do you like the names Maddux and Halle? These names are becoming harder to make unique

Unique names are on the rise!

Think Banks Violet (Hilary Duff’s daughter), True (Khloe Kardashian’s baby girl), and Alby Zeke and Kenzie Louise (Tania Zaetta’s twins).

A new report has revealed that “increased forename diversity”(meaning: there are more unique names than ever before) is trending and looking to not slow down anytime soon.

New trend? 30 unique blended baby names

Unique baby names are more popular than ever

The report analysed the first and middle names of around 22 million people born in England and Wales between 1838 and 2014 along with data from the UK Office for National Statistics between 1996 and 2016, to come up with these interesting insights.

Why have unique names become so popular over the years?

The researchers suggest it may have something to do with a growing ethnic diversity, plus ‘novel coinages’ (derivatives of existing names) and hyphenated monikers.

Think, changing the spelling of a ‘common’ name to make it more unique, such as the most popular girls name in the world spelt Sofia.

If you want to jump on the unique train before they become less unique, here are 30 uncommon boys names and 30 uncommon girls names.

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