Introducing the NEW 28 Day Plan

200 page guide to losing your baby weight through diet and exercise

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The 28 Day Diet & Exercise Book has been created especially for the busy mum who wants to get in lose weight after having children and who wants have a a daily diet and exercise plan to follow that provides structure and routine including easy recipes to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner – plus snacks as well as exercises that can be done at home and with your baby.

It is also an ideal plan to follow if you have older children and need a more structured weight loss plan to follow that is nutritionally balanced and is easy to follow if you are short on time.

The diet and exercise plans have been created by leading diet and fitness experts to ensure the food is nutritionally advanced, safe for breastfeeding and so that the exercises provide maximum benefits – without having to go to a gym.

The food and recipe plan on the 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan has been created by an experienced nutritionist who is part of the Dietician Association with the focus being on optimal nutrition and ease for all mums – including the breastfeeding mum (but work equally well for the non breastfeeding mum).

You can also choose to include (or not to include) our Healthy Mummy smoothies on our 28 Day Plan – we give you options if you want to mix things up.

The exercise plans have been created by an experienced Personal Trainer specialising in post pregnancy weight loss and can be done with your baby and don’t require any visit to the gym. To preview the book click here

The Plan Includes:
  • 4 weeks of meals and a detailed daily diet plan diary showing what to eat for breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and drinks. There are new meal options and recipes each day so you DON’T get bored
  • 4 weeks of easy to make delicious recipes that are family friendly
  • A shopping list for your weekly shop
  • A daily weight loss exercise plan to follow
  • Weight loss exercise instruction and images to follow
  • Snack advice and guidance
  • Advice on how to maintain weight loss
  • Nutrition and calorie information about the food you are eating
  • Over 90 recipes

Our 28 Day Plan is about making health and weight loss achievable and arming you with the knowledge to lose weight and get healthy – which is our mission in life! Our expert-designed weight loss exercises and diet plan will easily help you feel fit and healthy post pregnancy.

We hope you love it and as well as losing weight will feel inspired to live a healthier life for the long term. Click here to see some of the weight loss results from mums who have used the 28 Day Plan


Please note the 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan is different and has different recipes in it to those within the online 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge