Here’s how to DETOXIFY and CLEANSE your body with The Healthy Mummy

Detoxify your body and mind with The Healthy Mummy's 7 Day Cleanse and get your body ready for the next 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.
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Do you want to detoxify your body, ditch the tummy bloat and feel super refreshed and ready to attack your weight loss and fitness goals this month?

Then we have you covered with our 7 Day Cleanse as part of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.


We’re taking time to cleanse and detoxify on The 7 Day Cleanse

Get ready for the 7 Day Cleanse

This gap week, 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge Members have a 7 Day Cleanse to follow. The Meal Plan is loaded with fresh, light and delicious recipes.

The Meal Plan is SPECIFICALLY designed to assist your body with its cleansing processes, help you load up on fibre and soak up plenty of vitamins and minerals to help you feel motivated, prepared and REFRESHED.

Read how doing a cleanse can be beneficial for your mind and body.

How to find your cleanse week meal plan, customise it and get ready to go

Between the 28 Day challenge, we have a “Gap week” called 7 Day Cleanse. The Cleanse week is AMAZING for quick results and getting back on track or kickstarting your Healthy Mummy results!

Your meal plan will automatically change over to the Cleanse meal plan.

To view & prepare beforehand, please open your App at the home screen and tap on Food from the menu at the bottom of the screen. You can then tap on the current month to view upcoming challenges, all previous challenges, and your favourite meal plans.

Select the Cleanse from the Next (New) menu, and this will select your meal plan for the coming week.

Click here to learn more about the Cleanse week, and get some great sneak peeks of the recipes!

Read how this mum stays motivated when doing a 7 day cleanse.

Meal Prep for your cleanse week

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail! Cleansing and detoxing takes a little extra thought, the plan is to stick to more fresh an nourishing foods, avoiding the usual chocolatey treats, carb heavy meals and possibly even avoiding caffeine.

Our tips for success:

1. Find a type of prep that works for you!

  • Some families can prep for the full week ahead on a Sunday
  • Other families prep nightly by doubling dinner every night/organising or cooking snacks
  • Daily prep also helps, setting aside a little time each morning to set out snacks, perhaps make a smoothie or quick salad
  • Big batch cooking snacks here and there or in spare time all adds up, this another effective way!

Whatever works will be the most effective, don’t try and do something that doesn’t fit into your lifestyle.

2. You can customise the cleanse plan to suit you better or to repeat meals – example you could prep a big batch of Chia Pudding and have it every morning mixing up the fruit topping to suit your tastes, have strawberries? Perfect. Blueberries or raspberries on sale? Even better!

3. Keep snacks simple, fruit, veggies sticks, boiled eggs and nuts etc – divide them up into little bags ready to grab and go.

4. Lemon water is an awesome drink to have while cleansing – chop up those lemons ready to go! Read why lemon water is great to help you lose weight.

5. Pick things that are easy for you to do at night – Night time can be tricky the dinner rush, kids sports and feeling exhausted in general, don’t be tempted by takeaway! Prepare yourself for these nights. You would even make mixed plate with healthy food you have prepared like the Feta, Egg & Veggie plate.

6. It’s important to still eat your calories while doing the 7 day cleanse if you are breastfeeding – so have some extra snacks on hand such as boiled eggs, crackers and dip or make extra of the snacks such as the belly blasting bliss balls.

Mum Zena offers her tips on how to do a 7 day cleanse.

Check out these mums amazing results after our 7 Day Cleanse

Cassie McKay


Cassie lost 2.3kg and 4cm off her body and feels absolutely fantastic!

She says “I usually lose track after three days of a cleanse but was really proud to have five GREAT days and two alright days.” 

Read about her cleanse here.

Bec Jackson


After mum Bec had already lost 21.4kg with The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges she found her weight had hit a plateau…then she did a 7 day cleanse. It kickstarted her weight loss all over again with another 2.1kg in just 7 days.

Read her amazing cleanse results and how even her husband benefitted.

cleanse smoothie

If you are NOT currently a Challenge member – you can still get access to this incredible 7 Day Cleanse a on our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge by signing up to our program with thousands and thousands of other mums.

If you are determined, motivated and on a mission to tackle your weight and overhaul your health – then our Challenge can help. You can spend the next couple of days DETOXIFYING your body and kick-start your weight loss journey when our next 28 Day Challenge starts.

Not on the Challenge but still want to cleanse? You can do a 3 day cleanse with our book!

If you are NOT a Challenge member but are keen as a bean to take part in short, effective detox…Then be sure to check out our 3 Day Cleanse.

The 3 Day Cleanse is an eBook filled with recipes, tips and tricks to help you beat the belly bloat, detox and rid yourself of unwanted toxins. 

HEALTH BENEFITS of our 3 Day Cleanse include: 

  • Reduced stomach bloat
  • Improved energy levels
  • Clearer mind
  • Glowing complexion

Our 3 Day Cleanse is full of delicious recipes and top tips from our nutritionists to help to REMOVE UNWANTED TOXINS from the body, improve your metabolism and kick start your energy levels. It’s all about CLEAN EATING.

You’ll cut back on processed foods and drinks, EAT NUTRIENT DENSE FOODS that will give your system a boost and leave you feeling great.

There are loads of healthy recipes to go with the cleanse, so try it over the next three days and start feeling great!


Amazing 3 Day Cleanse RESULTS!

1. Lauren’s Incredible Results

three day cleanse day 1

Lauren says,I lost 1.6kgs* in the 3 days and completely kicked the bloat!”

“I feel so fresh, light, energetic, comfortable, confident and HAPPY!!”

“And the best part?? No starving!!! That’s right, you still get to eat totally amazing, tasty and healthy food.”

2. Nikola’s AMAZING Weight Loss

Full Comparison

By the end of 3 Day Cleanse, Nikola lost nearly 2kgs*.

Nikola says: “I’m happy to say I lost 1.7kg and all my bloat!

“I feel amazing, I love the cleanse so much. Not only are the results fantastic but the food is amazing!!! I had all the confidence in the world doing the cleanse as it’s my fifth time doing it! “

How incredible are these results? Way to go ladies!

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