8 ways to grow your butt from exercise (for the pert Brazilian look)

Healthy Mummy Dancefit instructor, Dee is from Brazil and is showing you how to achieve the Brazilian butt with exercise and food!
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When we think of Brazil we think of blue water, Christ the Redeemer and of course the booty!

Yes genetics come into play here but there actually are ways to build the booty to achieve a pert look and they’re FUN.

Our loved Healthy Mummy Dancefit instructor, Dee, is here to tell you exactly how to achieve the Brazilian butt!

dee Brazilian booty

Dee was born in Brazil and she says it’s true when they say in Brazil “it’s all about the BUMBUM (pronounced “boom-boom”) how we call the backside.”

From a young age Dee said she would watch Carnaval on TV and for as long as she can remember she would see these women proudly showing their butts in bikinis. The Brazilian booty is definitely a cultural icon and a national obsession.

dee resistance bands

Dee has always practiced dance and samba is one of her favourite rhythms.

Lots of hips moves and booty shaking! Dee says, “dance is a great way to keep your backside in top shape and I definitely incorporate some movements for the butt in my dance routines like the Capoeira Ginga (Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art and is amazing for fitness).”

Dee’s go-to booty exercises



Dee says, “When you add more ‘fitness’ moves to the dance like we do on The Healthy Mummy Dancefit, such as squats, high kicks capoeira steps, you can burn anything between 350 to 400 calories for one hour.

Apart from all the fun doing it you don’t notice you’re working out as much because of the music!”

Donkey kicks

donkey kicks

“I try to do 15 reps with 3 sets of them. It’s simple but effective and the fact that you’re on on your all fours, gives you lots of balance,” Dee says.

Try using resistance bands here for an extra booty boost!

Squats on the bosu ball


“Squats on the bosu ball are good because you’re doing them on an unstable platform and this engages more of your muscles to perform the movement.

These are the same muscles needed to maintain your balance as you grow older. So it’s very important – not only for aesthetics,” Dee said.



“Lunging with weights is an awesome complete exercise that develops your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves in addition to hitting your inner and outer hips and thighs. A winner! I try to do at least 2 x 15 each leg, slow ones!” Dee says.

Gluten Bridge

Dee says, “When you’re sitting down in front of the computer all the time like me (I’m also a graphic designer at The Healthy Mummy!), your glute muscles can get weak while the hip flexors in the front of your thighs can shorten, making them feel tight.

So doing the bridges feels extremely good and they also help to strengthening my core. I try do do them 15 times, holding for 20 seconds each.”

Healthy and nutritious Brazilian food


black beans

Feijoada is black beans and pork stew and is the most traditional dish in Brazil.

Dee says, “back home it’s cooked as a stew with loads of pork pieces but at home I keep it “fit” by cooking with a little bit of bacon or any smoked pork meat, but avoiding the fatty ones. Normally we eat it with rice, stir fried kale, cassava flour and oranges.”

Black beans have 26 grams of protein and 16 grams of fibre making them a highly nutritious ingredient to cook with! Try out this Healthy Mummy black bean recipe.

Açaí bowl 


The Acai berry is brazil’s superfood and now Australia’s! Sourced from the Amazon, Dee says “we use the version with no sugar, blended with a bit of apple juice and guarana and adding banana, strawberries and granola.”

Acai has up to FOUR times more antioxidants than non-berry fruits and 10 times more than vegetables.

Try this Acai antioxidant smoothie for your fix!



Surprisingly, Kale is huge in Brazil!

Dee says, “When I got to Australia 20 years ago I could not find Kale anywhere! It was very frustrating and thought of starting my own Kale Plantation!

Lucky around 4.5 years ago it started popping everywhere and we can enjoy all the benefits of this amazing vegetable, so many minerals and vitamins.”

Kale is a great source of vitamin A and vitamin C which are important in your immune response. In one cooked cup of Kale you obtain 200% of your vitamin C requirements and well over your vitamin A requirements for the day.

Try this savoury kale recipe and this sweet one (yes you can use it in sweets!).

Red pawpaw 


A Brazilian breakfast staple, red pawpaw also known as Papaya, is great for digestion so is typically eaten at the start of the day.

Dee says, “I love love love mine with oats and honey. Yum!”

Not only is the nutritious fruit rich in vitamins A, B, C, organic acids, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, potassium and fibre, papaya also contains a natural enzyme that reduces heartburn and is great when pregnant!

Try out our Papaya with nuts, seeds and date yoghurt for your next breakfast on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Try these 8 foods for booty gains also!

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