This adorable baby name trend is growing in popularity again

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Did you grow up knowing a Sarah-Jane, Anne-Marie or a John-Paul? Back in the 80s and 90s, hyphenated names were all the rage and now they’re coming back, with a twist.

New parents are keen on picking a moniker that sounds unique, and this new baby name trend is all about that.

Mummy Pages has come up with 20 hyphenated names that are unique without being too out there. Check them out below.

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Hyphenated girl names:

1: Sophie-Grace

2: Lucy-Anne

3: Laura-Jean

4: Holly-Rae

5: Daisy-May

6: Amelia-Claire

7: Eliza-Jane

8: Sophie-Louise

9: Mary-Kate

10: Milly-Anne

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Hyphenated boy names:

1: Oliver-Mark

2: John-Joe

3: Matty-Ray

4: Jack-Thomas

6: Alexander-Thomas

7: Ezra-Mark

8: Isaac-James

9: Oscar-Finn

10: George-Matthew

5: Billy-Joe


Meanwhile, here are some popular double-barrelled girls names:

1. Anne-Marie

2. Amelia-Rose

3. Billie-Jo

4. Ellie-May

5. Isla-Mae

6. Kady-Shay

7. Mary-Jo

8. Lily-Ann

baby girl 2

11. Olivia-Rose

12. Olivia-Faye

13. Peggy-Sue

14. Rosie-Leigh

15. Ruby-Jo

16. Sarah-Jane

17. Sarah-Louise

baby girl 3

18. Sophia-Grace

19. Scarlett-Rose

20. Violet-Jane

Popular double-barrelled boys names:

baby boy 3

1. Aaron-Jay

2 .Alfie-James

3. Bobby-Joe

4. Corey-James

5. Cameron-James

6. James-Dean

7. John-Paul

baby boy 1

8. Isaac-Lee

9. Jayden-Lee

10. Jason-Sean

11. Jack-Wyatt

12. Joseph-Christopher

13. John-Michael

baby boy 2

14. John-James

15. Patrick-Joseph

16. Taylor-George

17. Tommy-Lee

18. Tyler-Jay

19. Vince-John

20. William-Craig

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