Mum celebrates her incredible new body after weight loss and says “If I can do it, you can too”

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Gorgeous mum of two Alethea Askin feels AMAZING after losing 18kg and dropping 4 dress sizes by following The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges.

She says “I now feel happy confident, sexy, strong and full of energy. 

For the ladies who are just staring out or who are sitting on the sidelines watching and thinking ‘is this for me?’ I say GO FOR IT!. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner. Here is Alethea’s story.

Alethea Askin is a 27 year old mother of two (5-year-old daughter and almost 3-year-old son).

She says “I had followed The Healthy Mummy Private Facebook Support Group from the sidelines for about 2 years, watching all the amazing women and seeing their amazing results wishing it was me, but never really doing anything about it.

I didn’t own scales so didn’t realise just how much my weight was creeping up on me”.

My turning point – a trip to the doctors office

My turning point was in November 2018 when I went to my doctor complaining of feeling lethargic, having no energy and feeling off all the time.


After I stepped on the scales, I was shocked to see I weighed 71kg. I had never been so big in my life!.

All I could think was that it was no wonder I felt so horrible all the time.  When all my tests came back normal, I knew it was my weight that was affecting my day to day life.

I desperately wanted the energy to get though my day and play with my kids.

I came home that day and said to my husband, ‘enough is enough! it’s time for me to finally try The Healthy Mummy’…. and it was the best decision I ever made!”

Getting started with The Healthy Mummy

“I remember my first ever Heathy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge meal – we had chicken fajitas. This was a meal we would make quite often but I can tell you now, I got an absolute shock when I realised that one fajita was one serve… normally I would smash three”.

So that for me was one of the most helpful things The Heathy Mummy has given me – the knowledge about food and how many calories I am consuming. Before, I was absolutely oblivious to it.

Straight away I got stuck into my meal prepping and focused on my food rather the exercising. Exercise was never my friend – I hated it!. I would go for little walks with the kids in the double pram but nothing major at that point.

It was a struggle for me in the beginning going from eating huge amounts of food to eating to my BMR calories but I pushed through and it go easier.

I started having Healthy Mummy Smoothies and snack bars on my very busy days and have always loved the recipes from the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipe hub”.

Favorite Healthy Mummy meals

Some of Alethea’s favourite meals from the 28 Day Challenge recipe hub include the beef nachos, chicken spaghetti bake, pumpkin and chorizo salad, mini tiramisu, cheese and veggie muffins and Weetbix slice.

From hating exercise to becoming an energizer bunny!


Once Alethea got the hang of portion control and making healthy meals from scratch she slowly eased into exercise. Initially following some of the exercise classes on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App.  She eventually bought a treadmill and weight set too.


Alethea says “I persisted and now I love exercising. I now jog on the treadmill and weight lift 3-5 days a week at home with the kids close by. I’ve also become addicted to fun runs”.


“One of my friends said to me recently that ‘she once knew a girl who hated running and exercise… that girl was you! And now look at you, you’re like an energizer bunny’. And it so true, I have so much energy now and no longer feel lethargic and unwell.

I feel happy confident, sexy, strong and full of energy”. 

Weight loss result – 18kg and 4 dress sizes down

18kg weight loss (down from 71kg down to 53kg) and 4 dress sizes down (from size 16 down to size 8) in 16 months.

Roadblocks, and how I overcame them

“I have plateaued quite a few times but have stayed strong and pushed through, reminding myself of how horrible I used to feel.

My biggest roadblock would have been when I had to have my gallbladder removed and was unable to eat and exercise for about 8 weeks.

I knew however, that it wouldn’t be forever and once I was 100% again I could focus on my weight lose journey again.. and I did”.

“I have become so much more confident”

The biggest change for Alethea since starting her Healthy Mummy is the confidence she has gained.


She says “before The Heathy Mummy there was no way I would have ever gone to an event like a fun run and I have even treated myself to a boudoir photo shoot. But that, she has and doesn’t she look INCREDIBLE!

Best thing about being a Healthy Mummy

“My favourite thing about being a heathy mummy is being part of the amazing community of women who motivate and encourage other women to make their lives heathier, happier and more active.

I also love that The Heathy Mummy allows you to still enjoy the food that you love but still be able to lose weight.

Through my Healthy Mummy journey, I have not at any stage deprived myself of the foods I love”.

Advice for mum’s just starting out on their weight loss journey

“For the ladies who are just staring out or who are sitting on the sidelines watching and thinking is this for me, I say go for it!.

Start with what you can handle and work your way up from there. It does get easier! And even if it doesn’t feel like it happening as fast as you would like, just pushing though and remember why you started.

It  WILL happen! You won’t regret it!

My only regret was not starting my Healthy Mummy journey sooner!”.

“If I can do it you can too”


“If I can do it, you can do it too! I’ve gone from 71kg and a size 16 To 53kg to a size 8 I’ve lost 18kg on The Healthy Mummy since November 2018 (16 months).

I am truly thankful to The Healthy Mummy for giving me the skills and knowledge to make my life happier, healthier and more active”.

Wow! The Healthy Mummy team would like to thank Alethea for being such an inspiration to us and sharing her weight loss story. She really is living her best and healthiest life and it shows!.

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