Mum gets work-ready by prepping a FREEZER FULL of meals at the end of her maternity leave

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Mum Courtney Hendersen wows us with her EPIC meal prep skills after preparing a freezer full of Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge meals and snacks in the final weeks before returning to the workforce. What a boss mumma!

With a Cyrovac machine on hand to help compress the meals into small packages she was able to fit a HUGE quantity into her freezer.

Having a mountain of healthy food on hand for when hunger strikes will help Courtney stick to her healthy eating plan and help her achieve her weight loss goal with ease.

Way to go Courtney!


Meal prepping for weight loss success

Courtney say “Going back to work tomorrow after 11 months on maternity leave.

I spent a couple of days over the last 2 weeks cooking Healthy Mummy meals and snacks for us and our little one”.


“I’ve lost count of how many there are.

The Cryovac helps with our small freezer”.  For those wondering a Cryovac is a device that vacuum seals your food.


Courtney not only made a huge range of main meals, she made plenty of snacks too. Another Delicious Freezer Meals!

Delicious meals made from the Challenge App

“Some of things I made from the Challenge App include”:

  • Bacon and spinach risotto
  • Chicken and mushroom risotto
  • Chicken and corn risotto
  • Green mac and cheese
  • Beef mushroom mac and cheeseEasy-Fried-Rice-Kaila-Whichelo-2
  • Easy fried rice


Snacks made from the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App

Light and fluffy blueberry and yoghurt muffins


Wow, what a feast! Another Delicious Freezer Meals!

The Healthy Mummy team would congratulate Courtney on her EPIC meal prep session and wish her well on her transition back to the work force and on her health and weight loss journey.

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