Mum shares her incredible results on The Healthy Mummy Keto Lite meal plan

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Healthy Mummy, Cassie, is feeling the fittest, strongest and most body confident she has ever felt in her life thanks to The Healthy Mummy Keto Lite meal plan.

Cassie says her mission statement keeps her motivated and encourages her to stay focused on her goal.

“Is what I am doing right now going to translate into me being happy, healthy or injury-free in the future”.

Mum shares her incredible results on The Healthy Mummy Keto Lite

Cassie McKay, 35, from Sunbury, VIC is a mum of two children, Ellen 8 and Flynn 4.

Cassie has been a Healthy Mummy member for almost 3 years now and has lost 10 kilos.

“I initially signed up to lose 3 kilos, but ended up losing 10 kilos!”

Cassie’s weight loss story

Cassie shares that after losing 10 kilos with the Healthy Mummy in 2017, she worked hard to maintain that loss, but then earlier this year, life happened, and she regained 6 kilos.

Cassie shares, “Mindless eating, extra snacks and meals, plus bigger portion sizes that had slowly crept their way back in.

“So, I took a step back, reassessed my goals and made a few changes. I started weighing ingredients again to ensure my meals weren’t blowing out, I stopped eating dessert at night as the food I was eating throughout the day was bringing me to my calorie target (1750).

“The introduction of the new Keto Lite plans on the Healthy Mummy app have been a great addition as I’ve been loosely following them. 

“Just a few small changes, nothing too difficult to maintain. I still get to eat an amazing variety of food and never go hungry, the added benefits are that I’ve lost 4 kilos and fit into my old clothes again, plus I’m feeling the fittest, strongest and most body confident I ever have in my life!!”

A new meal plan has arrived! Introducing Keto Lite: Safe for Mums Meal Plan

About The Healthy Mummy Keto Lite meal plan

The Healthy Mummy Keto Lite meal plan DOESN’T get people into a state of ketosis, it’s more about the macro split of meals each day i.e. moderate protein, higher in healthy fats, and lower in carbs. Not harsh but still effective.

Find out more about it HERE

Cassie’s goal

Cassie shares that her goal now is to remain happy, healthy and injury free.

“I feel amazing and have found a love of food and exercise. The self-care component has been massive for me. I have suffered from low confidence and anxiety for most of my life and the past few years with The Healthy Mummy have seen this improve a lot for me.”

“I love the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and the Healthy Mummy community because it gives me something to focus on that is mine, away from all of the family/house/work responsibilities.

“My goals are based on building strength. I started the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge 15 months after having my second child.

“My first was born via c-section and I’d had hip surgery between pregnancies. I was suffering from a weak core, glute, and pelvic floor muscles. My hip and back hurt so much I’d convinced myself I’d need a hip replacement by the time I was 37.”

“I have very slowly built up strength in all of the areas that were lacking and now love working out with weights.”

Cassie’s top tips

  1. Start small. Pick one recipe and one workout from the Healthy Mummy app to try
  2. Take it slow. You don’t have to go fast, you just have to go. Slow results are still results!
  3. Don’t be afraid of eating food! Calculate your BMR on the Healthy Mummy website or app and weigh your portions for a few meals/days to get a feel for what the calorie count is and how that looks on your plate.

“One thing I find particularly helpful is picturing how I see myself in 6 months’ time.”

My mission statement has been to be “happy, healthy and injury-free” for a few years now.

Cassie shares, “When I’m lacking motivation I come back to this and look at it in relation to my behaviour. I ask myself “Is what I am doing right now going to translate into me being happy, healthy or injury-free in the future”.

“If it isn’t, then I stop and set some short term goals to set new behaviours/habits.”

“Love, love, love, me a Healthy Mummy Smoothie!! I’m loving Sneakylicious and Salted Caramel at the moment.”

Cassandra-McKay Sneakylicious Smoothie Bowl

Cassie’s favourite meal

Cassie says it is so hard to pick just one when there are over 4,000 on the app and every day she finds a new favourite!

“Yesterday I made the Crunchy Beef Super bowl and that was pretty incredible. Egg, Bacon and Green Bean stir fry is a Friday night go-to recipe for me.”

Recipes available HERE on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

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Try Keto Lite for yourself – Join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

"Time for a new goal outfit!" This mama can now fit into her jeans!

Why is The Healthy Mummy Keto Lite: Safe for Mums better for mums and families compared with a full ketogenic diet?

There’s a few reasons why the Keto Lite: Safe for Mums plan is better for mums:

  • It allows for more flexibility for eating with your family. The Healthy Mummy promotes a balanced eating style that supports long term health for the whole family, not just a short term strict plan for weight loss.
  • Although our plans support weight loss, the end goal to be a Healthy Mummy is to eat a healthy balanced diet the whole family benefits from!
  • It is not as restricted as a strict ketogenic plan
  • We aren’t going into ketosis, so we don’t have to worry about the negative side effects like “keto-flu”or your thyroid hormones becoming unbalanced.

Find out more about Keto Lite HERE or join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge HERE

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