See how these mums smashed their 12 week weight loss goals

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Discover how The Healthy Mummy empowers thousands of mums to achieve their personal health and weight loss goals with our 5 Star rated Healthy Mummy app along with the motivation and inspiration of real mums in our online community.

You too can take part and succeed in our Challenges with budget-friendly family recipes, exercises and workouts for all ages and levels of fitness, all at your finger tips on The Healthy Mummy app.

As a busy mum it’s not always easy or even possible to focus on your needs as you juggle the needs of your family, but these mums made sure they took the time for themselves and achieved great results.

Discover their simple tricks and tips that helped them reach their weight loss goals following The Healthy Mummy 12 Week Challenge.

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How these mums smashed their 12 week weight loss goals

Rachel Little 15.2kg

Rachel tells The Healthy Mummy she is 40 years “young” from the Wollongong area in NSW and a mum of two boys, 12 and 9.5 years old. She has been with The Healthy Mummy since August 2020. Rachel has always found her weight yoyo’d up and down quite a bit, but is now nearly 35 kgs lighter thanks to The Healthy Mummy.

Rachel has lost 16kgs and 21 centimetres off her measurements during her 12 week challenge.

I want to be fit healthy and a good role model for my boys.

Rachels’s pledge for the 12 week Challenge was to lose centimetres off her measurements, get fitter and lift more weights. PLUS she wants to be healthier.

Rachel’s measurements show she lost:
Bust 6cms
Waist 3cms
Thighs 4cms
Hips 5cms
Arm 3cm
21cms all up gone forever!

Rachel says since joining The Healthy Mummy 12 week challenge she is feeling fitter, less huffy puffy and stronger, she has now added weights when doing strength workouts.

Rachel’s favourite recipes

Rachel’s favourite recipe from the Healthy Mummy app is our Nachos. She also often uses the Healthy Mummy protein powder and our SKIN face oil. “I love the bit of me time I take to put them on.”

Rachel’s top tips

Rachel says consistency is key. “Set goals. Show up smash them, set new goals. Reward yourself along the way. Set daily weekly monthly and yearly goals. Always look at them. And adjust as needed but never quit.”

Tarryn Hensler 9.4kg

Tarryn is a 31 year old Homeschooling Mum of 7, from QLD. She started with the Healthy Mummy in 2022 after baby #6. A pregnancy in between and back at it again post baby #7 in 2023. 

Tarryn lost 35 kilos the first time she joined The Healthy Mummy, and says she has every intention to reach for those big losses again. Tarryn shares, “Currently I have lost 15 kilos since September 2023 and I lost 8 kilos over the recent 12 week challenge.

I joined the 12 week challenge to get myself motivated and back on track post baby #7. I’d gained a lot of weight during pregnancy and I was ready to feel like a Healthy Mummy again. 

My 12 week pledge was to commit to myself and my health and to make decisions that supported my goals.

I lost a total of 35.5 cms off my body during the 12 week challenge and dropped a dress size! 

I’m feeling stronger and fitter, and more excited to see where this journey will take me. I love the take 10 step up workouts from the app and walking any chance I get.

We asked Tarryn what a few of her favourite things were about The Healthy Mummy

I love The Healthy Mummy smoothies and I have a choc almond smoothie every day without a doubt! It’s become my favourite breakfast, and I love using the recipe from the app to make it.

I loved using The Healthy Mummy supplements during the 12 week challenge to help me reach my goals. I also often use the below products…

I’ve already got the date saved for the new 12 week challenge and I cannot wait to see what I will achieve. When I began, I felt a little nervous, but once I started making small changes daily, I felt it all start falling into place.

Tarryn’s top tip

Start small, make 1 healthy choice at a time and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Your body will do the rest! 

Read more on Tarryn’s Healthy Mummy story here

Mel Timms 8.5kg

Mel is 36 from Albion Park in NSW. She has been with The Healthy Mummy for over 2 years and has lost weight while battling health issues and weight loss struggles due to insulin etc, she needs to be carefully monitored and supervised with help from a doctor.

We asked Mel about her 12 week challenge journey

Mel told The Healthy Mummy team, “I have lost around 15 kgs on the 12 week challenge, my doctor said I had lost 14 kgs at my end of November checkup.”

“I did get my mum-in-law to start measuring me again, so far it’s about 12 cm loss all around total off my body.”

“One of my 12 week pledges was to try and drink more water and exercise more – either walk or do a workout 3 x a week.” 

“I’ve definitely been trying to get out more and adjust my mindset in general. I still have ups and downs but it has been less these past months. I have also been working on my mental health side of things.”

Favourite Healthy Mummy app recipes and exercises

*What are your favourite Healthy Mummy Workouts

“I generally love any under 15 mins but my favourites tend to be anything with boxing or kicking in it.

*Favourite Healthy Mummy Recipes?

“One of my favourite snacks is the toffee bark. I have also always loved the cheesy taco pasta as well.”

*Do you use Healthy Mummy smoothies?

“My favourite ones are the Tummy smoothies as I have had few belly issues and these don’t tend to upset my belly.”

*Have you enjoyed these last 12 weeks and would you do it again?

“Yes for sure, hopefully I have even more of a better mindset for the next round.”

Mel’s top tip

“Keep it simple don’t overwhelm yourself with heaps of goals. I just choose 1-3 and take one step at a time. Remember it won’t change overnight, my goals are better but I am still working on it. I also don’t bottle things up as I used to do that and end up exploding, make sure you let things out and talk to someone that you trust.”

Katrina Bain 6.1kg

Katrina (or Katie) is 37 and has two girls – 7 and 12 and they live in the Pilbara, Western Australia.

Katrina joined The Healthy Mummy when her oldest daughter was 18 months old, so way back when it was just a little book you could purchase. Thanks for sticking around, Katrina! She has been a lifetime challenge member since that was introduced but admits she only really recommitted in January this year. 

Katrina says, “I have lost 11.3kgs with The Healthy Mummy this time around. I have another 15kgs to go to reach my ultimate goal.

I lost 6.1kgs over the 12 week challenge and also lost 31 cms, with the greatest loss being in my bust, hips and thighs. I lost 8cm off each thigh alone!

“I joined the 12 week challenge because we had planned a family trip back to New Zealand in December, and I wanted that extra boost to help me reach my goals before we went. The 12 week challenge was a great way to get really focused and form some great habits. 

“I will be consistent throughout the challenge, and even if I have a bad day I will get back on track. I will lose 5kgs by the end of the challenge. I will complete the whole 12 weeks” – I definitely stuck by my pledge, and all goals achieved.

The 12 week challenge helped me to create some really good habits which I have continued past the 12 weeks. When stressful situations came up, I turned to exercise instead of food, and this helped me to achieve my goals. 

Katrina’s favourite Healthy Mummy recipes and products

So many favourites that it’s very hard to choose!

I swear by Control X! It is my go to Healthy Mummy product that I have every single day. I start my day with Control X, then do 45 minutes on my treadmill, and then have my Healthy Mummy smoothie afterwards on the way to work. The Control X keeps me full for hours! I also use the Super Greens and love adding that into my smoothies as I’m allergic to caffeine – so I love the extra energy boost it gives me. 

I love The Healthy Mummy smoothies. Due to intolerances, I use The Healthy Mummy plant-based smoothie. 

Katie loved the 12 week challenge and says she will be back for another one soon!

I am definitely going to do another 12 week challenge. I love the sense of community in the 12 week challenge Facebook group and the encouragement everyone gives. Plus I still have a long way to go to reach my ultimate goal – and I know the 12 week challenge will help me get there.

Katrina’s top tips

Make the 12 week challenge work for you. I created my own 12 week challenge templates and journal that I used to set my goals, track my measurements and results, and each week I set different smaller goals and tracked my exercise. Having to write it down meant I was more committed as I wanted something to fill in each box, each day.

Also give yourself goals along the way. These don’t have to be super expensive, do what works for your budget. One of my goals was to get down to 95kgs (when I only started at 96.7kgs) but I rewarded myself with a new crop top from Kmart. Then I had longer-term goals like to fill in my gym sticker chart – 20 visits. Your rewards can be anything you want – but stay away from food as a reward!

A check in buddy also helps! I connected with somebody from the group (who I have never met) and we would check in each day with our step count and what exercise we had done. This made a huge difference to push me towards my goal if I was feeling a bit flat or unmotivated. 

Well done Katrina!

Sarah Dearlove 3kg 

Sarah is a 35 year old mum from Beaudesert QLD with a 2 year old little boy. 

Sarah has been following The Healthy Mummy since January 2023 and says she is loving it.

“So far I have lost 19kgs since the end of January. I have gone from 95.2 kgs down to 76.2kgs. My goal is 65kgs. And have gone from a size 20 down to a 12-14.”

“I joined the challenge because I wanted to get as close as my goal weight as possible before trying for my next baby. And also to become more fit and energetic so I can enjoy playing with my family without feeling out of breath or tired.”

“My 12 week pledge was to become more fit and healthy. To stick to the Healthy Mummy meal plan 6 days a week and to slowly include exercise into my everyday life.”

My measurement loss during the challenge was:
Bust: 1cm
Waist: 5.5cm
Thighs: 2cm
Upper Arm: 2cm

Sarah has noticed she feels much more energetic and less tired. Plus her mental health is great.

“I feel really positive about my weight and body image compared to before where I used to give up if I had a bad day. Now I say to myself it was just one day. Tomorrow is a new day.”

Favourite Healthy Mummy app recipes and exercises

Sarah shares with us, “My favourite app workouts are the real mum workouts with Cicily (she is my Healthy Mummy idol) & the beginner core workouts. I love that they are all 10 minutes and can easily be fit into my busy lifestyle. 

Some of my favourite app recipes are:

“I love using the Healthy Mummy smoothies. I start work really early so the smoothies are a life saver. I normally make them the night before so I can just grab it as I head out the door. My favourites are the Chocolate and Vanilla Tummy Smoothies. There are so many recipes to use them with. My favourite is the Sneaky Snickers smoothie. I have also used the Super Greens. It has a really nice sweet taste and gives you that nice energy boost.”

“I really enjoyed doing the challenge. The 12 week challenge Facebook page had lots of great meal ideas from the other challenge members. And focusing on myself was really nice. I will definitely be signing up for the next challenge in January 2024.”

Sarah’s top tips

“Tips I would give to other mums for the next challenge to succeed is to be kind to yourself. If you have a bad day don’t give up.

Do some meal prep if you can. Even if it’s just your snacks. Keep it simple. You don’t always need to do app recipes for every meal. I like to mix it up with app recipes and just simple meat and 3 veg meals a couple of times a week.

Remember to watch your portion sizes. Everything in moderation. Simple snacks like fruit and yoghurt or boiled eggs help keep it simple. And sandwiches or wraps for lunch. There are heaps of recipes for them on the app or make up your own.

And with your exercise getting out for a walk is great. Or make some time to do a quick 10 minute app workout every day. 10 minutes out of your day is so easy to fit in. Get up 10 minutes earlier or you can set up your phone while cooking. “

Well done Sarah, keep up the great work!

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