13 Dinners that can be made in just 13 minutes

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This October The Healthy Mummy is turning 13 and we’re celebrating the hundreds of thousands of amazing women who have made the commitment to changing their mind, body and lives, losing over 3 million kilos and regaining body confidence!

We’re here to show you how to save time in the kitchen and teach you that you can eat incredible healthy food while spending minimal time meal prepping and cooking! You don’t need to spend endless hours in the kitchen to get incredible results.

See the amazing recipes below, all can be made in just 13 minutes or less!

Spicy Prawn & Coriander Soft Tacos

These delicious spicy prawn and coriander soft tacos are a delicious meal that you can amend to suit the whole family by reducing the spice or swapping the prawns for chicken. You can have these on the table in 10 minutes.

Get the FREE recipe here.

Beef, Pineapple and Broccoli Stir Fry

A fresh and delicious stir fry recipe that has the sweetness from pineapple and a little spice from the chilli. Mix and match the vegetables to suit what you have on hand. This healthy family friendly recipe can be whipped up in just 13 minutes!

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South West Chicken Salad

A delicious chicken salad with a little twist. This refreshing dish is easy to prepare and high in protein so it will help keep you feeling full for longer. You can have this quick and easy dinner on the table in 13 minutes!

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Cajun Chicken Burger

A tasty Cajun flavoured chicken burger that will keep you fuelled for hours. Adjust the cayenne pepper to suit your tastes or family preferences. Did we mention you can make these healthy burgers in just 13 minutes? Healthier, cheaper and likely much quicker than your local takeaway shop.

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Lemon & Broccoli Gnocchi

A zesty and refreshing gnocchi that is not only quick and easy to prepare, it’s packed with nutrients and tastes great! Want to mix things up? You can always use sweet potato gnocchi instead. This fabulous recipe can be made in just 13 minutes!

Get the recipe in The Healthy Mummy App here.

Mexican Fried Rice

This Mexican flavoured rice dish uses staple pantry ingredients to keep costs low while packing a good serve of fibre to keep you fuelled. Prepare this dish in a large quantity and freeze to have fast and healthy meals on hand for the weeks ahead. This family friendly recipe can be on the table in just 12 minutes!

Get the FREE recipe here.

Pizza Pockets

This recipe is a much healthier option than takeaway pizza.  It saves you money and time and nourishes your body with healthy ingredients. The whole family will enjoy these pizza pockets. You can mix up your fillings, be as creative as you please, and to save even more time you can cook these in the air fryer. Ready in just 10 minutes, the perfect Friday night fakeaway!

Get the FREE recipe here.

Spicy Beef & Black Bean Salsa Bowl

Delicious, Mexican inspired flavours in a healthy and filling, family friendly meal. Reduce or increase spices to suit your family’s tastes. Why not make extras and have this one for lunch the next day? This refreshing meal can be enjoyed hot or cold and is ready in just 12 minutes!

Get the recipe in The Healthy Mummy App here.

Spicy Salmon Poke Bowl

Salmon is packed full of essential omega 3 fatty acids and makes a perfect addition to this spicy salad. Use tuna steak if you prefer as it has very similar health benefits to salmon or skinless chicken breast if you don’t eat fish. This light salad packs a punch with over 40 grams of protein and better yet it can be made in just 8 minutes!

Get the recipe in The Healthy Mummy App here.

Lamb & Haloumi Skewers

This lean, high protein meal is simple to prepare and perfect as a midweek dinner option or barbecue favourite. The ingredients of the side salad can be interchanged with your favourite veggies, so feel free to include avocado, celery, sprouts and red onion in the mix if desired. Ready in less than 13 minutes.

Get the FREE recipe here.

Ultimate Bean Nachos

Healthy, quick and tasty Mexican – finish with a sprinkle of paprika or chilli for an extra flavour kick! This recipe is budget friendly, it’s loaded with fibre and can be made in under 12 minutes!

Get the FREE recipe here.

Tortellini with Sun-dried Tomato & Pesto

A super simple dish that is full of flavour with only a few ingredients. Try making this dish on meal prep Sunday and freezing extra portions for easy meals during the week. Ready in just 13 minutes!

Get the recipe in The Healthy Mummy App here.

Satay Chicken Tacos

Tacos with a twist! All you need is 13 minutes for these quick and delicious tacos. Leave it to your family to fill them with their favourite toppings. Who said dinner can’t be fast and fun? You could replace the chicken with turkey, beef or pork if you prefer. 

Get the FREE recipe here.

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