8 top tips to help you keep on track these school holidays

It's school holidays which means busy mums may find it difficult to juggle the kids with keeping on track with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. Here are some useful tips!
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As the chaos of the school holidays goes into full swing, you may find it difficult to juggle the kids with keeping on track with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Here are eight ways to help you on your weight loss journey during the hectic school holidays.


Staying on track these school holidays

Here are some ideas to help you to stay on track with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge during the hectic times that are the school holidays.

1. Make your own healthy takeaway


Eating takeaway food is a very common practice during the school holidays as you find yourself out and about.

You can save yourself the calories (and money too) by planning ahead and making your own takeaway.

Try our healthy Fish Fingers or Homemade Beef Burgers.

2. Meal prep



Meal prepping is a great way to get in those healthy, convenience meals, and keep your on track for your healthy lifestyle. With advanced meal preparation, your life can be made that little bit easier, especially during the school holiday chaos.

You can make dinners as well as snacks so the kids (and you) have got quick, delicious and healthy snacks at hand.

Our amazing 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge mum, Samara Syed says that when it comes to managing your weight loss journey and your kiddies, she encourages sneaking off to meal prep (or squeeze in some squats) while the little ones watch television.

“If you find yourself with a spare 14 minutes while the kids eat breakfast / are watching their favourite TV program / having a nap, it’s great to do something to get ahead like make a quick and easy batch of snacks,” she says.

3. Schedule your workouts


Exercise is very important not only for keeping you on your weight loss track, but it is also important for your mental health.

A great idea is to sit down with a paper and pen at the start of each week, preferably with no distractions, and book in your daily exercises with yourself.

It is important to stay flexible, however for when things pop up. This way you will never be caught off guard which may see you ditching your workout entirely!

Here at the Healthy Mummy, we completely understand the precious time that busy mums have especially during the school holidays! Try these exercises for busy mums and add them to your workout schedule.

4. Get the kids in the kitchen

Source: Nikola Green
Source: Nikola Green

For many reasons, it is great to get the kids involved in the food prep. It’ll help them to understand more where food comes from, it will keep them actively occupied, and also help them to be a part of a healthy eating regime.

It is a win-win – you can still stay on track and the kids can be kept busy.

Pizzas, meatballs, and burgers are just some of the dishes that are always a favourite amongst kids.

5. Set your kids a daily active activity


School holidays are a perfect time to teach your children all about staying active and keeping healthy.

While you are teaching a healthy lifestyle to your kids, you can keep on track with your workout. You can choose to go for a walk, swim or hike.

6. Active playdates

Exercise in The Playground With The Kids

Team up with a friend (who also has kids) and enjoy an active play date together. Go to the local park and whilst the kids play on the equipment, you can pump out a mini circuit (think squats, lunges, pushups, and planks).

What a great way to keep up with your exercise routine! Check out this mum using kids play equipment to get in a workout.

7. Schedule in time for some relaxation

Jenni relaxing by the pool

It is important to schedule in some relaxing time for yourself as taking care of your wellbeing and mindset is still a priority.

It is a very valuable tool when you want to stay ahead of your health journey.

Have you tried the MIND.BODY.BREATH sessions on The Healthy Mummy app?

8. Squeeze in mini-workouts wherever possible

Try and sneak in some short bursts of activity these school holidays. We have many exercises with you in mind. These exercises are short and quick but will have a huge impact on your health and weight loss journey.


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