Tips To Help Busy Mums Find Time To Exercise

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Most mums can’t even go to the bathroom without an audience, so finding spare time to stick to an exercise regime can be impossible. The good news is, busy mums can find time to exercise by thinking out of the square.

7 Ways Busy Mums Can Find Time To Exercise

I have three children who are all at home with me. We have an abundance of chores, doctor’s appointments, household duties and all the rest, so I have had to become very strict with myself.

Without organisation it would be impossible to ensure I manage some exercise in to my daily routines, here is how I do it.

7 Ways Busy Mums Can Find Time To Exercise

1. Start Early

With kids who rise early and normally a full to the brim day ahead, I find the best time to squeeze in a workout is before the day begins. You can be finished before mid-morning and utilise that time in the mornings that is often slow moving. You still have a day ahead to tick off your to-do list!

2. Schedule

Like most things in our lives, the best way to ensure exercise is to schedule it in each week. Put it in your calendar at the beginning of each week, choose your workout of choice and then just do it. No excuses!

3. Involve The Kids

If you can’t get away from the kids to work out in peace, then include them. Babies can be used as the perfect weight to squat with. Your local park makes for a free and fun gym.

Strap your baby to your back and climb the stairs. Run with your toddler in the pram. Like to swim? Have your toddler hold on to your shoulders while you breast stroke through your laps! There are ways to make this work.
How To Find Time For Exercise When You're A Busy Mum

4. Utilise The Creche

Whether this is at your local gym or finding a trainer who includes the kids in their program, or trainers that provide babysitting services – use it!

My kids go to the creche at the local gym, they love being with their friends and I love the 90-minutes of guilt-free me time.

5. Try A Two-Minute Workout

Exercising doesn’t necessarily have to be in an hour block. It can be two minutes here and two minutes there. While unpacking the dishwasher I hit the squats and calf raises.

When hanging the washing, I get some extra steps taking each item individually out to the washing line. While play Lego I manage some leg raises. Time for Facebook? Time for crunches!

6. Choose Your Workout!

Now that you’ve scheduled your time in, what are you going to do? Be prepared and know what you are going to do ahead of time. Or sign up to our challenge, and then download our app and we can tell you exactly what to do each day!

7. Just Do It!

It is so easy to make excuses to avoid exercising! But our children should not be our excuse, they should be our reason to live a healthy life!

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