Mum saves over $212 by making 306 sweet lunchbox snacks for a whole school term!

Healthy Mummy Bec Ashforth spent just one afternoon prepping sweet snacks for her five kids lunchboxes that will last an entire 10 week term!
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Healthy  Mummy Bec, who is a mum-of-five and has lost 55 kilos with the Healthy Mummy, spent just one afternoon prepping a whopping 306 healthy sweet snacks for her kids lunch boxes that will last them an entire term!

And guess what? By using the Healthy Mummy App she didn’t need to go out and buy a single ingredient so the prep cost her ZERO Dollars!!!

Costs current at April 2021

Find out what she made below!

Bec Ashforth’s AMAZING Lunch box Prep

By using the search function in the Healthy Mummy App, Bec was able to look up recipes she could make with the ingredients she already had in the cupboard.

Bec says, “This is not only a time-saving trick but can also be an amazing money saving tip too!

Bec looked online and worked out that if you had nothing in the pantry this massive prep would only cost $57!

She says “To be completely honest with all new packs you could probably make close to 600 plus snacks.”

Less than 19c per serve!

“That’s less then 0.19 per serve or $4.75 a week compared to $21.20 (also checked on line) for me to buy one sweet treat per child per day for the school week crazy right! This would be a massive $212 spent on just 1 sweet snack per day over the term on top of all the other lunch box foods to add to that cost too, plus replacing’s the odd ones mummy or daddy raided, the hand outs to cover the “mum I’m hungry” when you walk in the door, it adds up fast.”

How Bec saves $$$ by meal prepping

Bec has five children but if you have less than that, these snacks would cover the children, husband and YOU!

Bec says  “Use it as an amazing chance to save time, be organized and most importantly help reach your goals because there is no less than optimal sweet treats sneaking in to your trolley for “school snacks” for the next 10 weeks.”

Save time & money!

Bec admits that this is the first time she’d done such a large scale prep for sweet snacks but is already seeing the benefits.

“Each Sunday I spend about 2 hours on baking so by spending a fun afternoon in the kitchen with my tribe, cooking chatting and getting organised I have saved myself a massive 20 hours over the next 10 weeks at a minimum, sure I still need to prep and wash our fresh foods and veg. But every little bit helps.”

“Why spend a massive $’s on pre packed snacks when you can spend a tiny amount on home-made treats that are much better for the whole family. Additional bonus no random colours or preservatives with crazy numbers and names you can’t pronounce. Also using reusable packaging, so its a win for the environment to.”

Check out what Bec made from using things from her fridge and pantry

Weetbix slice x 24

Get the recipe here

Weetbix bliss balls x 24

Get the recipe here

Coconut Weetbix slice x 16

Get the recipe on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Lemon Coconut bliss balls x 16

Get the recipe here

Coconut maple bliss balls x 18

Get the recipe here

Chocolate chip cookie Tart to half serve cookies x 64

Get the recipe on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Healthy Mini Doughnuts x 24

Get the recipe here

Mini Chocolate Chip muffins x 36

Get the recipe on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Chocolate chip banana bread x 16

Get the recipe here

White chocolate apricot slice x 18

Get the recipe on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Healthy Chocolate brownies x 24

Get the recipe here

Chocolate mint bubble Crunch x 14

Get the recipe here

Chocolate toffee bark x 12

Get the recipe here

Becs Top Tips for a big prep like this!

  1. Reduce the cost by shopping at home first, use the search function in the app, then make your list, using the blank menu option.
  2. Take time to make a game plan, set out all your recipes so you know what you need and its all within reach this includes all your utensils and bowls.
  3. Clean and put away as you go, all I used was one set of measuring spoons and cups, scales, 1 bowl and 1 thremomix bowl and thermomix (You can just use a food processor in place of the thermomix), 2 scrapers and 2 metal spoons and a jug! We don’t need to make it complicated I like to keep it minimalist in the kitchen.
  4. Cook and make things that use similar ingredients and utensils to cut down waste and clean up, i.e. do all your bliss balls at once, then things that need to be set and things that go in the oven… so it like a little production line.
  5. Involve the children in selecting and making the snacks, it’s such a fantastic opportunity for all of you, Time to chat and hang out is often lost in our super busy lives, you can start cleaning up and grabbing the next lot of ingredients while your helper is mixing or putting ingredients in.
  6. Make sure you have containers or bags ready to pack and pop them away. You can store in lots of “like for like”, all things together or split them up in to the weeks or days worth, making lunch box packing a breeze, don’t forget to pop a little baking paper in if you are stacking them so they don’t get stuck.

A great time to hang with the kids!

Apart from filling her freezer with go-to healthy snacks, Bec says prepping snacks like this was an great opportunity to spend time with her kids.

“We had an amazing afternoon and it was so much fun, to just chat and hang with my little people. It’s amazing the conversation and things we can learn about each other when doing simple and fun tasks together and the benefits of the life skills we can teach them in the kitchen is priceless and will serve them for many years to come.”

“So jump in there, roll those selves up get organised save cash and enjoy some quality time in the kitchen to help reach your goals, once you start you won’t be able to stop.

“I will say it was very additive, ticking off those snacks as I packed them away!”

Wow!!! Amazing prep Bec, thank you for sharing with us!

Costs current at April 2021

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