One month worth of the Healthy Mummy Meals – what a way to kick-start World Healthy Mummy month in the UK!

Meal Prep Queens Siobhan and Sarah spend the day with Mum Zara and cook up one months worth of Healthy Mummy meals to kick off World Healthy Mummy month!!
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The Healthy Mummy is all about helping and supporting the community, so we were super chuffed to have visited Zara from Stoke-on-Trent in the UK to kick off  World Healthy Mummy Month this July.

Zara has got a 5 year old daughter Dakota Marie who was born with a brain tumour. When Dakota was 2 years old she collapsed, and they were told the tumour had developed into cancer. The surgery removed 95% of the cancer, but she needed to go to the USA for protein therapy to clear the rest of it. The treatment was a success, but unfortunately, there is no cure for Dakota.

Zara says: “She is my priority so I’ve let myself go. I’ve really not been helping myself but with being in hospital nearly every week it’s been difficult. I’ve survived on takeaways as they have been convenient.”

Zara entered a magazine competition earlier this year and was chosen by UK Magazine That’s Life to receive the ultimate Meal Prep Prize from the Healthy Mummy – worth almost $9000 including:

  • One day with the Healthy Mummy Meal Prep Queens Siobhan Docherty and Sarah Cryer
  • All food paid for and prepped for one month
  • 1 brand new chest freezer
  • Kitchen Appliances including Slow cooker, Food Processor/Blender, steam cooker etc
  • Full set of kitchen utensils, pots and pans, knives, baking accessories etc
  • Healthy Mummy smoothies, singlets etc and full access to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge
  • Gift Vouchers for Zara, toys for Dakota Marie

The Healthy Mummy Meal Prep team couldn’t wait to arrive at Zara’s house to show her their best tips of batch cooking, and explain what the 28Day Weight Loss Challenge is all about.

They made 176 portions of the main meals, 202 snacks and 48 breakfasts – all in 7 hours!
And Zara got given 6 tubs of The Healthy Mummy Smoothies to ensure she never needs to skip a meal.

Claire from That’s Life magazine popped in to ensure Zara was pleased with her prize and asked a few questions about the Healthy Mummy too.

The cameras were rolling the whole day – even as the Meal Prep Queens took a quick lunch break having their Healthy Mummy Smoothies, and taught Zara the moves to the brand new Healthy Mummy song.

At the end of the day Zara’s chest freezer was full to the brim, and she was all set up as a brand new member of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge ready to start the next day.

Zara promised: “no more takeaways! Everyone LOVED the Chocolate Weetabix Slice and Choc Chip Banana Bread – and Dakota’s dad was wondering if “Healthy Daddies” are allowed to join too.”

Zara was super excited to finally start looking after herself – and with the Healthy Mummy by her side, it will be a breeze.

Meals made:

  • Beef Burger Patties x12
  • Lamb Burger Patties x 22

Snacks made –

  • Chocolate Bliss Balls x30
  • Apple Pie Bites x 24
  • Healthy Weetbix slice x36
  • Mint Choc Bubble crunch x 28
  • Raw Peanut Bars x24
  • Blueberry Chia Muffins x 24
  • Choc Chip Banana Bread x 32

Breakfasts made –

  • Chia Puddings x 12
  • Peanut Butter Granola Mix x12

  • Breakfast Oat slice x12
  • Chocolate Rice Crisps x12

Congratulations Zara! What an amazing day!!!

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