6 easy ways to remember which breast you last fed your baby on

If you are breastfeeding, experts recommend nursing mums should alternate between the breast they start feeding on each time.

But keeping on top of this is not always as easy as it sounds! Between all the nappy changes it can be hard to remember which side you last used.

It’s important to note, the more milk that is removed from a breast, the more milk it will make, so to keep both sides full here are six super easy ways to jog your memory when it comes to remembering which side is next.

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6 easy ways to remember which breast you last fed on

1. Use a bracelet

bracelet each side

If you have an easy to slip on bracelet then try switching from hand depending on whether you last started breastfeeding on the left or right.

It might get fiddly if you have a bracelet that has a clasp!

2. Keep a hair tie on your hand

hair tie

If you’re not into wearing bracelets, then why not try using an elastic hair tie on your wrist and wear on the same side you started feeding on last.

Try not putting the hair tie in your hair by accident though!

3. Keep a diary

keep a diary

Keep a diary on hand and make a note of which side you fed your baby on last.

The Healthy Mummy has a heap of snazzy 2018 diaries.

Check out our Healthy Mummy diaries for 2018 here.

4. Twist your bra strap

twist the bra

Maternity bras are easy to unclip and twist before you clip them back into place.

Try to keep on top of this, otherwise you may end up with two twisted sides and it may be confusing to remember which side is next!

5. Use a safety pin

safety pin

You can attach a safety pin to your bra or the side of clothing you last nursed on to prompt yourself which side is next. A safety pin is easy to attach and a great reminder.

6. Switch your ring

switch ring

If you wear rings on your finger, it might be a good idea to move it between hands to remind yourself which side is next.

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