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Do you have a food allergy?

An allergy or an intolerance to anything can be a real battle. But to foods or food substances and ingredients, an intolerance or allergy can be quite frustrating and difficult…

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Is juice ok for me to drink?

A lot of people ask about whether juice is okay to drink, not just for themselves but for their kids. A healthy eating diet or a weight loss diet is really about MODERATION.
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Do carbs make you fat?

A lot of people are scared of carbohydrates or sugar these days. They have become the evil doer of the world and the cause of all problems. But like anything when…

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Is fat a dirty word?

Fat can be a dirty word, especially when you are trying to lose weight or maintain it. But certain fats are essential to a healthy eating plan.
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Exercise with injury

Yesterday a member of the Healthy Mummy community commented that she had chipped the bone on her ankle. So at the moment she is unable to perform any weight bearing…

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Flavour without the fat

Whether you are aiming to achieve weight loss or maintenance the key to your success is healthy eating. Healthy eating is mainly achieved through great weight loss recipes and plans…

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