7 common fears that new mums experience

It is not uncommon for women to feel a wave of uncertainty, panic and fear come over them when they became a mum (especially for the first time). All of a sudden…even the smallest things can make you fret!

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It’s important to remember however, that you are NOT alone. Find solace in the fact these ‘fears’ are extremely common. You have certainly not lost your mind…not yet anyhow!

1. Baby will stop breathing through the night

The first time my baby slept longer than two hours, I kept poking her (gently of course). I was so paranoid that my little girl would stop breathing in her sleep. SIDS (sudden death infant syndrome) is a really, really tragic thing. Thankfully, (and one thing that all new mums need to remind themselves of) is that SIDS is quite rare.

These days there seems to be a lot more information out there regarding how to reduce your baby’s risk of SIDS. For instance, popping baby on their back, not using a pillow and keeping stuffed toys out of their crib.

2. My relationship will never be the same

Many mums fear that after baby, their relationship will never be the same. While yes, a baby can alter the dynamic of your relationship – it doesn’t mean it will change for the worse. Or that you will lose everything that is fun about your relationship. It just means you will have different sorts of fun! Raising a child is pretty special…and doing it together – well, that’s truly a powerful thing!

3. You can’t afford it

Money, money, money. Money is a common worry for many parents. Nappies, dummies, prams, high chairs, toys…and FOOD – babies and kids can be very expensive! The thing is, having to ‘tighten’ your financial belt just means you won’t able to give your child absolutely everything they want. But you know what? That is okay. You are doing everything you can to provide them with everything they need.

4. I’ll never get my body back

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Firstly, and most importantly, free yourself from the worry of ‘I’ve got to get fit fast’ and enjoy just being a new mum. When you are ready to tackle your weight – we have got your back. We have been able to help thousands of mums transform their bodies and their health. Once you have been given the all clear from your health care practitioner, join us in our 28 Day Challenge.

5. Baby isn’t eating enough

When breastfeeding, it’s sometimes tricky to determine just how much baby is ‘consuming’. You just need to remember to not panic and trust that your baby (and body) are doing what they are suppose (and designed) to do. If you are truly concerned about your baby’s eating/drinking, we recommend weighing your baby regularly. Track their weight and that way you can help put your mind to ease.

If you feel that your baby is underweight and/or not eating enough, then we always recommend speaking with your health care practitioner.

6. Postnatal depression – what if I have it?

Being a new mum can be tough. There is a lot of ‘change’ happening in your life right now. And sometimes, you may feel down. That is okay. But, when you begin to start feeling ‘down’ all the time, that’s when we recommend chatting with a friend, your partner or your doctor. Postnatal depression can be tough. But the thing is…you have to remember that help is out there! You never really have to face these things alone.

For more on the signs and symptoms of PND click here.

7. My baby might choke

Choking is a real hazard and is a terrifying one at that. Our best advice is to avoid foods that can be a hazard and learn how to help if your child does happen to choke. First aid is a necessary skill. We recommend ALL new mums know basic first aid skills.

As we said, being a new mum can tough and totally daunting. But just remember there is always help…and your new found worries are totally normal!

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