Tasty sweet potato recipes the family will LOVE

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The healthy sweet potato has so many uses in the kitchen beyond just being a side dish of mash (which, let’s face it, is also delightful).

Whether it’s baked alongside some roast chicken, turned into soup, or even made into a sweet treat, it really is a versatile veg.

Today we have SEVEN delicious and family friendly recipes using sweet potato. Which will you try first?

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Sweet Potato Collage

1. Spinach and Sweet Potato Lasagne


411 calories per serve

Lasagna is often a family favourite and this recipe offers a vegetarian and pasta free option.

Prepare this in a large batch ahead of time to enjoy for dinner or to have as a nutritious and satisfying ‘heat and eat’ single serve lunch.

Recipe here

2. Sweet Potato Chips


170 calories per serve

Use these veggie chips to scoop up your favourite dip for a healthy afternoon tea. Being baked, not fried, means that the calorie and fat count is kept low. Enjoy our delicious sweet potato recipe!

Recipe here

3. Sweet Potato Bread

Sweet Potato Bread

This nut and dairy free recipe is also free from added sugar, making it an ideal recipe for a healthy morning or afternoon tea.

Recipe here

4. Sweet Potato Muffins with Cinnamon and Maple Cream Cheese


281 calories per serve

Here is a great lunchbox friendly snack that is perfect for your afternoon tea as well. The sweet potato gives it a hint of sweetness.

Recipe here

5. Sweet Potato Brownies


195 calories per serve

Yes you read that right! Who knew you could get the fudge-like texture you love in a brownie, using steamed sweet potato as the main ingredient?

Recipe here

6. Sweet Potato and Baked Egg Hash


290 calories per serve

Start your day with a healthy dose of vegetables and the goodness of egg. Perfect for those days when you know you need lots of energy. For more sweet potato recipes try this delicious sweet potato salad recipe!

Recipe here

7. Mexican Sweet Potato


355 calories per serve

This Mexican-inspired variation on the traditional baked potato is EASY, packed full of veggies (quite literally) and is sure to please the whole family – especially at only $1.95 per serve!

Recipe here.

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