Midwife shares her top 5 workout bras for breastfeeding mums

Exercising when breastfeeding can have a few challenges so Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and breastfeeding mum, Bel Moore has shared her top 5 workout bras to help!
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Most women find their breasts increase during pregnancy and then again when breastfeeding, especially in the first few weeks when the milk supply is regulating.

Exercising when breastfeeding can have a few challenges so Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and breastfeeding mum, Bel Moore has shared her top five workout bras to help!

Bel Moore bra

Why you might need a new sports bra while you are breastfeeding

Breast weight can vary greatly, but most women find each breast can weigh between 600 to 3kg each when pregnant and breastfeeding!

Large, lactating breasts can cause pain and discomfort when exercise, if they not properly supported.

This may mean those women will miss out on all the benefits of exercise, such as postpartum weight loss, reduction of postnatal depression risk and other health concerns as well as an increase in cardiovascular fitness.

A supportive, well fitting, well-designed sports bra can reduce discomfort, pain, embarrassment and chaffing by reducing movement and bounce.

How to pick the best breastfeeding-friendly sports bra for you

bel moore exercise

1. Decide how much support you need

Maybe you are into running or have big breasts? These things take consideration when deciding on which sports bra to get when you are breastfeeding.

This depends on:

  • The activity. Activities with more vertical movement need higher support. Research has shown breasts can bounce up to 12cm when running!
  • Your bra cup size – the larger the breasts, the more they move, the more momentum they generate (Newton’s 2nd law for those listening in science class).
  • Larger breasts need more support so will need a wider band and thicker straps. Compression bras might work best for those with DD+ or an encapsulation bra under a crop top.
  • Your age. Breasts contain no muscle and are supported by the skin and coopers ligaments. Age can reduce the support the skin provides to the breasts so may need more support.

2. Make sure the band and cups fit correctly

Maternity Sports Bra

Ensure you are no bulging out of the top, or that there is creases/gaps in the cups. Most breastfeeding sports bras will either have no underwire or utilise flexi-wire.

It is common belief that underwire will cause blocked ducts, as it will put pressure on the lobes. If the bra does have underwire, ensure it sits on the ribs and not the breast tissue.

3. Look for supportive and/or padded straps


Thicker straps reduce breast momentum and ensure they don’t dig in, leaving marks and even causing numbness in the hands!!

4. Breastfeeding friendly design

Serena Nursing Sports Bra

This could include a breastfeeding clasp, the straps opening at the front or the bra opening at the front.

5. Moisture wicking fabric

Moist, warm environments are perfect for thrush growth! It can also catch any accidental milk leakage. 

Bel’s top 5 picks for maternity bras

1. Movemami – ‘Shine’ Nursing sports bra – $ 89

Movemami nursing bra

This innovative compression crop top is great for medium impact sports and can double as a swim top. It’s made from a stretchy, antibacterial and moisture wicking material to keep you supported and dry.

It teams wide straps and a racer back style to support even larger breasts (up to about an F).

It’s perfect for breastfeeding mid activity as it features a discreet wire free design, one-handed open/close nursing clip and removable bamboo breast pads.

Comes in  XXS- XL. You can buy it here.

2. Hotmilk – Activate Sports nursing bra $79.95 ($40 on sale)


This breastfeeding bra was designed with high impact sports and big boobs in mind. Its encapsulates up to a H cup and features flexiwire to support and shape the breasts.

The wide elastic under the bust keeps it from riding up when running and the wide straps with extra padding ensure no marks are left on the shoulders.

It features moisture wicking material and cool mesh panels to keep you comfortable when getting sweaty.

It’s perfect for pregnancy and beyond as it has a little stretch in the top of the cup to account for a bit of expansion and also has six hook and eye extensions to ensure it always fits.

It also has one handed drop down cups that provide discreet breastfeeding on the go.

Comes in sizes 10D-16GG. You can purchase it here.

3. Maze Activewear Nursing Sports bra- $74.95


This super supportive bra is wire free to prevent any duct blockages but uses a racer back style to give extra support for those with small to medium sized breasts.

Not only does it utilise moisture wicking fabric the whole back is made out of mesh paneling, ensuring you stay cool when working out.

The quick drop down cups makes feeding easy and it even has removable padding to give you a nice shape and protect against leaks (or add in your own breast pads).

Comes in sizes XS- L. You can purchase it here.

4. Cadenshae – Nursing Sports Bra Ultimate Bra $79.99 ($20 on sale)

cadenshae bra

A great bra for DD+ mums looking for high impact support. It has wide padded straps for comfort and mesh panels to keep you cool.

You can also easily convert it to racer back if you need a little extra support or you have shoulders that straps seem to fall off on!

It’s cups give a good fit ( no mono boob!) and it looks nice under a t-shirt, so can be worn as your everyday bra too. The easy drop down nursing cups means you can feed or express pre, post or during exercise.

Comes in sizes 10-16. You can purchase it here.

5. Cake Maternity Zest Maternity & Nursing Sports Bra – $ 89.90

lemon zest cake flexi bra

A great high impact sport bra that combines flexi wire and moulded cups to reduce bounce, give support and still maintains a nice shape.

Made from moisture wicking fabric as well as having mesh panels, it will let your skin breath and reduce sweaty boobs. The wide padded straps disperse the pressure from heavy boobs and don’t leave marks or dig in.

You can add extra support by converting it to a racer back. Feeding is easy, as it combines drop down cups and an inner cotton A- frame support to ensure you can feed baby without any fuss.

Comes in sizes 10B-18H. You can purchase it here.

And the bonus contender!

You won’t find it in the breastfeeding section, but perfect for the extra large breasted breastfeeding ladies!

6. Enell Everyday Sports Bra – $142.87


This Enell bra comes close to eliminating all bounce that those with a C cup or bigger are all too familiar with, by utilising a compression system to ensure large breast stay firmly on the chest.

The extra wide straps distribute the breast weight, relieving shoulder discomfort and the wide chest band ensures it doesn’t ride up.

It has a full back with cross straps designs but is easy to put on and off due to having a hook and eye front closure system. It is this hook and eye system that makes it compatible with breastfeeding.

Although a lot of coverage, the moisture wicking fabric keeps you cool during your workout.

It has it own sizing system( 1-8) which takes into account your bust and under bust measurements.

Here are the best sports bras for maternity in Australia. You can find other breastfeeding clothes here.

Not breastfeeding? Find some more workout bra options here!

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