10 easy steps to banish sugar for good

We all know sugar can be one of the enemies for effective weight loss. So, we have pulled together a list of 10 easy steps you can take to help you say goodbye to the white stuff for good.

10 Easy Steps To Banish Sugar For Good
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10 Easy Steps To Banish Sugar For Good

1.Put Down The Teaspoon, And Step Away From The Sugar Jar

Stop adding sugar to your foods and drinks.

If you need to sweeten your tea or coffee then use stevia or something similar as this will not affect your blood sugars.

2.Say Goodbye To Soft Drinks

Well, ladies it may be time to give up soft drinks if you wish to kick sugar to the kerb for good. But do not replace them with artificially sweetened versions. Instead opt for sparkling mineral water and add flavour with lemon or lime wedges or slices of fruit.

3.Wholegrain For Breakfast

Choose wholegrain breakfast cereals that do not have added sugars. Or be inspired to make your own muesli –  choose oats, quinoa flakes, or eggs rather than bowls full of colour and sugar!

4.Go For Savoury

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Instead of a pastry or cake for snack time, select something fresh and savoury like hummus with carrot sticks. If you must have something sweet, make your own healthier versions, freeze in small portions and take them with you.

Check out this mum who Made 140 Sugar-Detox Snacks For Under $50 – That Works Out At SIX Weeks’ Worth Of Snacks!

5.Challenge Recipes

Use the low sugar recipes from the 28 Day – SUGAR DETOX – Weight Loss Challenge to make healthy, homemade versions of processed, pre-packaged foods that are often loaded with sugars e.g. breakfast cereals, lunch box snacks, afternoon tea.

6.Limit Your Sugar

 10 Easy Steps To Banish Sugar For Good
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Set yourself a limit everyday and stick to it. If you normally add 3 teaspoons of sugar to your tea, reduce it to 2 for a week, then reduce it to one, then 1/2, until you can enjoy your tea naturally.

7.Get Family Support

Tell your family, friends and colleagues what you are planning and get them on board. Make changes with your family, and with a buddy at work, so you can support each other.

8.Eat Fresh

Eat fresh, unprocessed food as often as possible. If you can eat foods as close as possible to their natural state you will avoid un-necessary sugars, flavours and preservatives.

9. Mix It Up – Dairy Style

If you are used to eating sweetened yoghurts you can gradually change your pallet over to plain, unsweetened yoghurt by adding a small amount of natural yoghurt to your usual variety. Gradually increase this amount until you are used to the unsweetened taste and no longer eating the sweetened variety.

10. Investigate Your Bake Goods

10 Easy Steps To Banish Sugar For Good
Source: Istock.

Reduce the sugar used in baking to 1/3 cup, or replace it completely with fruits such as bananas and dates. These add plenty of sweetness with the added benefit of vitamins, minerals and fibre.

Well, there you have it – ten easy steps you can take to help you say goodbye to sugar…for good!

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