Easy 10 Minute Workout: Abs, Butt And Thighs

Looking for a quick and easy way to tone your abs, thighs and butt? Why not give this quick and easy 10 minute workout a crack?

It’ll help target those three key areas we’re all keen to tone without the expense of having to go to a gym!

hold balance!

Find A Friend

One of the best ways to lose weight is by having a work-out buddy. You’ll find exercising with a friend not only motivates you but you’ll both end up reaching your weight loss goals together.

So grab your friend and get going with this routine.

10 Minute Workout
This lower intensity partner workout is great when you are short on time or want to end a high intensity session with a great burn.

For this workout, apart from a partner you will need a Swiss ball, medicine ball and a resistance band.

As always be sure to spend two -three minutes warming up if you aren’t already warmed up and end the session with a two -three minute cool down.)

10 Minute Workout: Abs, Butt And Thighs

Exercise One – Assisted Plank and Deadlift 10 Minute Workout

10 Minute Workout 2

  • Partner One takes a plank position with arms extended. Be sure to engage abs and keep your back flat. Partner Two will stand with their feet about shoulder width apart, knees soft (not locked straight, but not bent either), and hips tipped slightly under to engage their glutes and hamstrings.
  • Partner Two will use their glutes and hamstrings to lift up Partner One’s feet, while Partner One maintains their plank, being sure not to bend through their back by keeping their abs engaged.
  • Don’t move through this exercise too quickly, raising and lowering again, being sure to concentrate on engaging the glutes. Complete 12 reps then swap over. Repeat two times.

Exercise Two – Dual Swiss Ball Sit Ups10 Minute Workout

  • Work as a team on this one to complete 30 sit ups – give your partner a little high 5 at the top of each sit up.
  • Take a short rest between sets to perform a few yoga poses and release any tension in your back. Try the child’s pose and cat pose.
  • Repeat the dual Swiss ball sit up again, but this time instead of reaching up and over the Swiss ball, reach around the sides of the Swiss ball to tap your partners hand, working your obliques.
  • Repeat your stretches before moving to the next exercise.

Exercise Three – Seated Row with Resistance Band and Static Squat10 Minute Workout

  • In this exercise, one person anchors the resistance band providing tension for their partner to perform a seated row while sitting on a Swiss ball.
  • While performing the seated row, ensure you have correct posture, with feet about hip width apart, knees and hips bent at a 90 degree angle.
  • As your partner pulls their arms back through the row, they will need to keep their elbows high and squeeze their shoulder blades together, being sure not to hunch or pull through their traps.
  • For the partner anchoring the resistance band, they will be performing a static squat. Their feet will be nice and wide to provide a stable and secure base, their torso is tall and knees bent into a half squat, being sure to keep their knees behind their toes and weight back. Each partner performs 12 reps, changing over after each set. Complete three sets.

Exercise Four – Side Crunch 10 Minute Workout

  • Perform a side crunch on a Swiss ball as per usual, but build that team spirit by ‘high fiveing’ on each crunch. Perform two sets of 12 crunches on each side.

Exercise Five – Front Raise with Resistance Band and Sumo Squat10 Minute Workout

  • For the final exercise in this workout, partners will use a resistance band to complete three sets of 10 squats. Partners will work alternating their positions at the top or the bottom of the squat to maintain the tension in the resistance band.
  • Both partners need to stand with their feet shoulder width apart, weight focused in the heels and squat down as far as they can with their toes behind the knees and their torso tall.

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