10 MUST HAVES That Mums Rely On To Get Them Through The Day

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The amount of stuff we mums pack into a day is incredible. In fact if they were giving out trophies, our cabinets would be STOCKED! In saying that, we’re also pretty smart at finding ways to make the daily grind a little less stressful, well some days…  7 ways to get back on the healthy wagon

Here Are 10 Things Mums Rely On To Survive The Day

1. Getting helpful reminders

Whether it’s an early morning phone call from an organised friend reminding you about an event at school or a text message confirming a dentist, speech or doctor appointment, it always pays to keep the lines of communication open. Plus, if you’re following a healthy eating plan, having a goals chart is essential.

2. Caffeine of any description

From glorious cups of tea to mugs of coffee the size of your head, any caffeine-based liquid is something mums keep close at hand. We prefer our beverages hot but they will often be lukewarm or cold by the time we get to actually drink it.

3. A bit of a chat

Being a mum can be quite isolating, especially if you don’t work outside of the home. In this instance, we mums aren’t afraid to call loved ones and friends to vent, cry or have a good moan – it’s better out than in, right?  mum chatting

4. Baby wipes

One of the most useful inventions ever, they not only do their job very well but also help dust surfaces, clean up spills and wash grubby faces before venturing out in public. A must-have item for any parent whether their child is in nappies or not.

5. Nana naps

Because we’re usually up all night tending to various needs, staying awake is no mean feat. We mums know exactly the best way to catch a few sneaky winks, whether it’s closing our eyes while in the car at school pick up or having a rest with your toddler, cat naps are a mum’s best friend.

6. A tipple – just a little

A few of us also enjoy some medicinal compound at night to help make us calmer during witching hour, but just one; ain’t nobody got time for parenting on a headache.

7. Huffy puffy exercise for mums

A bit of exercise helps to clear our foggy brain, give us some peace and boost those endorphins, it doesn’t have to be a marathon; even a brisk walk around the block is a good start. Check out our tips for easy, mum friendly exercises.

8. A little bit of surfing

Jumping online and doing a little bit of social media stalking not only helps us feel like we’re still connected to the real world but is also a good way to learn some great hints from fabulous websites. (like the one you’re reading right now).  Pop over to our fabulous Healthy Mummy online community of like minded mums for inspiration, support or just a chat.

9. Affection

Strive to get as many hugs, kisses and cuddles from your kids as you can because such gentle and tender shows of affection help to remind us that despite not being paid to be a mother, we are very much loved and appreciated.

10. Healthy start to day  Choc Nut Pudding Smoothie

A big green smoothie at the start of the day will kick-start your metabolism and make up for that biscuit you eat at afternoon tea time. Just remember to put in your probiotic powder to help keep your gut in great shape.


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