10 parenting things you should just let your partner do – even if you don’t want to

Parenting isn’t easy. And while most mums are the main caregiver in the family we often give our partners a lot of slack for putting our kids in mismatched clothes or struggling to put nappies on.

There are things us mums need to just let dads do when it comes to looking after our kids, even if we want to intervene.

This is not only healthy for your relationship but also for the sake of your children too, as they need to have trust in their dad as well as you.

Taking a step back isn’t always easy though. Here are some things to remember says parenting website Romper.

dad child throwing (1)

Here are 10 parenting things you should let your partner do:

1. Parent your children solo

You’re both parents, even if you end up being at home more. Dads aren’t babysitters, if they want to help out or do things with the kids while you have some time to yourself, let them.

2. Be involved in ALL decisions

Ask his advice when it comes to trivial things like what to make for your kids to eat or what they wear. It shouldn’t always be down to just you and he may want to feel included.

3. Feed your kids

Whether this is giving your baby a bottle of expressed breastmilk or formula or spoon-feeding your kids dinner. Let your partner ‘take over’ from you when they get home from work.

4. Be the ‘fun’ parent

As much as you want to be the ‘fun’ one, don’t give your significant other a hard time about being more relaxed than you are. Sometimes it’s easy to be the more serious one when you feel like you are the primary caregiver.

dad reading a book to child

5. Do housework while looking after your children

If you vacuum the floors and dust in the day while you are parenting, why can’t your partner do a few things around the house too while he’s also watching the kids? It’s important for children to see both of their parents helping out and share tasks like doing the washing up or making school lunches. Plus, it may make him appreciate everything you do at once at the same time too.

6. Dress your children

Your baby’s pants might not go with his top, but let dad put them in what he wants your them to wear too.

dad reading baby

7. Help handle bath time and bedtime

Sometimes it’s nice to put your children to bed together, but if you’ve made plans then let your partner take care of this for you.

8. Have some time off too

As soon as your partner walks in the door, it’s instinctive to hand him over the baby. Remember he needs time to unwind too.

9. Handle the life admin

Mums shouldn’t be the only ones to make doctor appointments or make plans, let your partner be the primary parent too.

10. Take charge

You may have wanted the kids to go to the pool on the weekend but your partner wants to take them to the park. By being flexible and sharing the responsibility of parenting, your kids will be happier and your relationship will be stronger for it.

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