How this mum made 117 healthy snacks for 42 cents per snack!

We were blown away when we heard this clever mama told us she made 117 healthy snacks!

Brooke's healthy snacks.
Brooke’s healthy snacks. Source: Supplied

How this mum made 117 healthy snacks for 42 cents per snack!

Brooke Jones REALLY knows how to make her money stretch as far as she can, as she’s managed to make a heap of healthy snacks and it works out she only spent just over 42 CENTS per snack.

“Have you got the common misconception that eating healthy is expensive? Well guess what… IT’S NOT!” says Brooke.

“I got all the ingredients to make eight different delicious Healthy Mummy snacks.”

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 2.43.01 PM
Brooke’s ice cream and wholemeal muffins. Source: Supplied

What Brooke Made:

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Brooke's caramel slices
Brooke’s caramel slices. Source: Supplied

“That’s enough snacks to last me the whole month,” she says. “These snacks have no added refined sugar and are all made from scratch, so you know what is going into them.

“You can make healthy choices, like mine. HEALTHY MUMMY ALL THE WAY!”

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