12 Kitchen Hacks And Old Wives Tales You Must Know

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The kitchen is more than just a hub for family conversations and meal preparation and more than a high traffic area for hungry bodies. It’s the centre of all household needs. In your family kitchen, you can find more than just ingredients for cooking but also for beauty treatments, the source of superstitions and even items for household cleaning!

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12 Kitchen Hacks You Simply Must Know

1.Spilling Salt Bad Luck

An age old kitchen superstition. It’s said that salt symbolise’s lies and treachery. So if you have a spill be sure to protect yourself. Throw a small pinch over your left shoulder and in to the face of any devils standing behind you.


2. Walnuts To Remove Scratches

Not just a nut to add to a delicious mango salad. But the walnut has been renowned for helping remove scratches on wooden furniture, or floorboards. Just cut a large chunk and rub diagonally across the scratch in question.

3. Rosemary At Front Door

rosemary pot plant

Keep a pot of rosemary at your front door to keep the witches away. I can assure this works. Ever since I placed our rosemary at the front of the house, those pesky witches have left us alone.

4. Aluminium Foil To Iron

A household hack that all iron loathers should know. Remove the protector on your ironing board and place a long strip of foil, placing the protector back on. Try this out and you will find that the heat reflection will ensure both sides of clothing are smoothed out at the same time.

Anything to make this tedious chore faster, right?

5. Ice On Carpet

Simply just frozen water to cool drinks? I think not!

Use an ice cube on dents in your carpet formed by heavy furniture. This will help to bring the carpet back to its previous form.

6. Microwave Sponges

Don’t be so quick to through those sponges in the bin. This hack will have you saving money. Just pop your sponges in the microwave for a quick spin to bring them back to life.

7. Add Salt To Boiling Eggs

Not only does adding salt to your pot of water speed up the boiling process. But it also helps to prevent cracking of your eggs.

8. Bread On Burned Rice

I’m the cook that manages to burn a pot of water. So don’t be surprised when I tell you that I wish I’d known this trick years ago. Would have saved a lot of spoiled rice!

If you’ve managed to burn your rice place a piece of bread over the top for 5-10 minutes. This will draw out the burnt taste. Then serve as usual. But be careful not to scrape out the evidence on to your plates.

9. Add Apple To Bag Of Potatoes

Don’t speed through a bag of potatoes fast enough to stop budding? Try adding an apple to the bag.

Be sure to store your potatoes in a dark, cool place to also assist in keeping them fresh.

Why not be inspired by this motivating mum and use your potatoes for visualisation.

10. Toothpaste To Clean


Need to freshen up your silverware after that last dinner party? Reach for your toothpaste instead of forking out cash on expensive silver polish. Simply rub on like soap and rub off with paper towel.

11. Mustard On Burns

Burns are a common injury in the kitchen. Mustard a common condiment. Mix the two together and you’ve found yourself a simple and easy solution for minor burns.

Simply rub it on the burn and bite your tongue through the initial sting. The mustard will take away the pain and reduce scarring.

12. White Wine on Red Wine

Just last night I clumsily spilt my red wine on the carpet. If only I kept a bottle of white wine in the house. I could have had that stain out in no time.

If you’re willing to part with two glass of wine (sacrilege), then pour the white over the top. Dab like usual and watch magic before you!

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