14 Honest Responses I Really Want To Give My Children

Parenting summed up is an abundance of intense emotions. It’s equal parts of joy, frustration, pride, guilt, love, insanity, laughter, doubt and so much more. It is completely overwhelming, absolutely exhausting. Actually it’s bone dead exhausting.

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So while we carry around the weight of this parenting induced exhaustion, we bite our tongues and provide our children with the appropriate responses to their incessant cries, questions and interests.

But, deep within, we often have a more honest response that we secretly wish we could use.

14 Completely Honest Responses I Wish I Could Use

1. I Don’t Want To Either

At 8am in the morning I’d much rather be having a coffee and effortlessly dressing for the day. But instead I spend my time chasing your tail to eat your breakfast, brush your teeth and get ready for ballet, soccer, gym, music (insert activity here).

While you whinge at me that you don’t want to, I’d really like to throw my arms up and agree! It’s not my idea of fun, love.

2. Baths Should Be Easy

It’s simple. You smell and are covered in tonight’s dinner, you must bath. Do I really have to drag you kicking and screaming every single night? You love it when you are in there, so just do it!

Also, I wish I didn’t have to spend every night watching you to ensure you’re safe.

There are so many other things I need to be doing, instead I watch you splash water all over my floor and throw your rubber ducky at your little brother!

We may as well skip the bath routine!

3. It Tortures Me More Than You

Brushing your hair is more painful for me than you. I’d love to just cut it all off and be done with it, but then I have to deal with your mental breakdown over your luscious locks.

So I maintain it for you while you scream to down the house.

Brushing your teeth is not my idea of fun and giving you medicine while you kick me and hit me. I don’t do these things for my own enjoyment.

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4. I’m Not Interested Sweetheart

“Watch me Mummy!”

I saw you last time sweetheart. And while I am super proud of you I really cannot stand to watch you jump on the trampoline for one more second!

5. Go The * To Sleep

Every. Single. Night. We manage to go throw the same routine and the same lame excuses why you simply cannot go to sleep. Inside your father and I are screaming. Oh do we scream!

6. Go Away, You Smell

I don’t want to have to change one more single pooey nappy.

7. Just. Be. Quiet

There is one of me and three of you, must every single thing I say be reversed in to a repeated question through all of you?

Asked and answered my lovelies, ask once, answer once.

8. Your Interests Are Not My Interests

Playing Shopkins or building Lego. Drawing love hearts or digging holes. Kicking balls or dressing Barbies. While I love you and love playing with you, there is only so much I can take.

9. I Made It, You Eat It

I’ve just spent the better half of my afternoon creating a masterpiece for you, then you spit it out of your mouth in protest.

Eat the damn food, child!

13 Honest Responses I Really Want To Give My Children

10. Water Activities Are Harder Because Of You

Gone are the days of wandering to the beach with nothing but a book and a towel. The days of casually reading until drifting off to sleep, floating in the ocean in silence. Unreachable are those longed for hours of lonesome relaxation.

Now, I’ve 17 bags to carry full of towels, swimmers, snorkels, buckets, more swimmers and two changes of clothes. I spend an hour coating you in sunscreen, then spent the remainder of my time trying to remove the sand you insist on covering me in.

11. I Have No Idea

I actually don’t know the answers to all of your amazingly intricate questions. I wish I did, but I don’t.

I don’t know if I’m doing this mothering thing right and when I see you cry, I worry I’ve failed you.

I don’t know if we are all going to be okay, but I tell you we are anyway.

13. You Scare Me

There is much about you that truly amazes me. We are getting to know each other more and more everyday and just when I think I have you sussed, you up and change.

You terrify me. The changes, the milestones, the growing up. The inevitable puberty, the heartbreak. I just want you to stay small enough to be in my arms, but you are growing, and it scares me!

14. I Love You So Much It Hurts

My love for you is immeasurable. It is indescribable and you just won’t ever know how grand it is, until you have a child of your own.

At which point we would have been on a roller coaster of life together and you may just look back and understand that no matter what I scream in my head, love is always at the forefront.

There is simply, nothing more than love.

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