15 things first time pregnant women worry about but shouldn’t!

Most first-time mums are well prepped for birth, but often they’re left worrying about the ‘what ifs’ and how they’ll cope AFTER baby is born.

Here are 15 things that many pregnant women worry about but probably don’t need to.

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It’s a common thing for expectant mums to say they feel well educated on what labour and birth might be like.

Some might have a planned c-section, be induced or go into birth spontaneously. Regardless, it seems many first time mums have attended antenatal classes or educated themselves (thank you Google).

While they might worry about how labour will go down, many pregnant women also fret about other things.

This is especially the case in the third trimester when they’re not getting much sleep and have plenty of time to think.

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15 things pregnant women worry about

1. What will the first night at home be like?

Fabulous, you’ll be so grateful to be in your own bed and have your creature comforts back. That first night can also be emotional as you now have a newborn under your roof!

2. Will I know how to look after my baby?

Of course you will, those first few days they sleep and feed, sleep and feed. Those instincts will kick in and you’ll know what to do! A sort-of autopilot kicks in.

3. How will I get them in a car seat for the first time?

With military precision and very gently you will gingerly buckle baby in. If you’re anything like me you’ll sit in the back seat and tell your husband that he’s going too fast because you can’t believe there’s a baby in the car!

4. Will my partner cope with it all?

Yes and no, you’ve spent the last months growing a baby and it might not have seemed as real for them. But once baby is there, partners usually step up and things get real. Don’t forget to ask how they’re going, whether they’d like a cuddle with baby. They too probably feel a little nervous!

5. How on earth will I bath my baby?

Usually in hospital’s a baby’s crib doubles as a bath and a midwife or nurse helps you with the first one. Often this isn’t done on the first day or night on the second. Don’t stress, they don’t need baths daily, but some find water soothes a crying baby.

Tip: When bathing baby, sometimes their chest is out of the water so make sure you have a facecloth over their body and pour warm water over it to keep them warm.

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6. What if I’m rude to the medical staff?

Most midwives will tell you they’ve heard every expletive under the sun. And when you’re 8cm’s dilated and screaming the walls down in pain you might be a little cranky with your support people. It comes with the territory and is easily forgotten by all.

7. That my partner will miss the birth.

Fact is, first time spontaneous births usually don’t happen in less than 60 minutes. From when labour starts to when baby is born usually takes a few hours, in some cases days. So don’t stress, your partner will no doubt make it on time!

8. What if I tear or am cut during a vaginal birth?

Honestly you’ll hardly know because so much else will be going. The only hint you’ll have is when the midwife or obstetricians dons their spectacles to stitch you up (true story for two of my births).

9. That people will think your baby’s name sucks.

Well if they do, then that’s their problem. Who cares what other people think, as long as you and your partner are happy then don’t stress. Plus once baby arrives you might change their mind anyway!

10. Will ‘downstairs’ ever be the same again?

Yes and no, if you’ve had a vaginal birth it takes time for things to get back to normal down there. A tip to help swelling go down is to get hold of those mini icepacks and sit on them in the days after birth. Most hospitals have them in the freezer ready to go!

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Here’s some helpful information on Tears, Episiotomies And Vaginal Grazes (Oh My!) And What Really Goes On Down There

11. That I won’t know I’m in labour.

You will know alright, sure not everyone’s waters break, but when you have regular contractions (that often double you over in pain), you’ll know it’s time to get to the hospital. They’ll always send you home if they think it’s a false labour (it’s happened to be before).

12. I might not know how to hold him or her.

Yes babies are fragile and need their neck and head supported very carefully as they have no neck muscles and can easily be damaged if they aren’t. But as long as you are gentle, support their little bodies, it will quickly become second nature.

13. What if I hate breastfeeding?

There is a chance baby won’t latch easily, you’ll get cracked and bleeding nipples and your milk might take 3 or 4 days to come in. Breastfeeding can be a little tough. Persevere, chat with family, friends your healthcare practitioner or lactation nurse – and no doubt you’ll get the hang of it real fast.

15 Things First-Time Pregnant Women WORRY About But Shouldn't!

14. That I won’t bond with my baby at first sight.

This is common and nothing to be ashamed of, especially if you’ve had a traumatic birth. Sometimes it can take awhile for that bond to develop and not everyone is a gushing-type mum, we all show our love in different ways.

15. What if I have some silly questions during and after birth?

There is no such thing as a silly question. It’s best to ask otherwise you’ll worry even more and chances are you’re not the first person to ask such a question.

15 Things First-Time Pregnant Women WORRY About But Shouldn't!

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