17 phrases mums say at least five times a day

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Every day we say the same thing over and over to our children, whether it’s a nag, a plea, a warning or a piece of advice. We do this in the hope that one day they’ll turn into well-rounded humans that don’t need reminding to flush the loo.

One can dream, right?

17 Phrases Mums Say At Least 5 Times A Day 1Sure it’s frustrating, but maybe we mums should be comforted by the fact that we’re not alone, in fact we’re all in the same rickety boat saying the same kind of things to our kids on a daily basis.

1. Would you stop hitting your brother, sister, me, father, stuffed animal.

2. Did you flush the loo, wipe your bottom, wash your hands?

3. No, you can’t have something from the cupboard/pantry until you’ve had fruit or vegetables

4. Can’t you two just stop screaming at each other and talk nicely instead?

5. If I have to ask you ONE more time to pick up your clothes off the floor then you’ll be banned from screens for a week!

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6. There is nothing wrong this apple/pear/banana/cracker/yoghurt – you’re just being fussy.

7. Would you speak to your teacher like that? So don’t speak like that to me.

8. You don’t need to change your entire outfit for the third time today; you only have a little bit of water, food spillage or dirt on it.

9. Do you need to go to the toilet?

10. Take your hand off it and just go to the freaking toilet.

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11. Yes I know it’s unfair and I’m the worst mother in the world.

12. What did you just say to me?

13. Get out of the fridge, quick, I’m counting 3…2….1!

14. Do NOT speak to me in that tone of voice, young lady.

15. I know you didn’t clean your teeth, your toothbrush is dry.

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16. Pick that up, you don’t just drop something on the floor and leave it there!

17. Oh that is so gross, put it in a tissue instead of eating your snot please.

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